Abby Apples Boutique

Lindsey – Nov 20, 2020

I ordered 3 outfits for my granddaughter. Total garbage when received. I reached out to return. They told me to send pictures, which I did. Then they tell me they can’t see the pictures. When I told them I was reporting them , they blocked me. Now I’m stuck with $70 worth of junk.

Joshua – Nov 20, 2020

Everything I ordered was awful quality. I reached out to do a return. Sent pictures of the stuff. Then they blocked me so I couldn’t give a bad review. It took a month for the delivery and the clothes are sized small , ugly and poor quality. Nothing at all like the pictures you see.

Carl – Oct 05, 2020

The outfits are adorable and true to size. If you order — plan at least 2 months to get your items. They come from China and the boutique has no ability to get the shipment to the customer in a timely manner. All items shipped separately so completing the outfit also took extra time.

Customer service was responsive via email about my order. Although items are adorable I would not recommend ordering from this company especially if you expect to wear them in a timely manner.

Sophia – Jul 27, 2020

Same as everyone else. Ordered because says it’s based in Chicago then order is coming from China…been over a month and they delete comments and don’t allow reviews. They are a scam. Terrible customer service

Rafael – Aug 06, 2020

Same here- I saw it was “based” out of Chicago so I placed an order on June 23rd. When I inquired , I got an email that show it was processed . That’s when I learned it was coming from China . Thank goodness it was just 14 bucks .ill never see the outfit based on these posts . Granddaughter will have outgrown it if I do receive .

Jasmine – Jul 17, 2020

Ordered a dress in March which I never received. I would send them emails and they would say it is held up because of COVID-19. Would not give me a refund so last week I complained to my credit card company and they gave me a refund. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY.

Carla – Jun 06, 2020

I ordered several outfits and shoe for my new granddaughter. They are no longer responding to me, blocked me from Instagram and still no order and no money back. Why are they still be allowed to have a website when there are so many reports on them? Why is no one shutting them down?

Billy – May 26, 2020

Such a scam! Wish I had read reviews before ordering! Ordered clothes for my daughter over a month ago and still haven’t received any items. I contacted the seller and they said order was fulfilled and sent a tracking number. The only thing fulfilled in this order was the creation of a shipping label! When I asked to cancel they said they could not cancel “fulfilled orders” and I would have to wait for the items and I could send them back for a refund… they sell infant and children’s clothes… by the time my items come in (if they are even sent) my daughter will have out grown the items! What a waste of money! Also, their “customer service” us s bot, couldn’t even get a real person to address my concerns.

Olivia – May 18, 2020

Victim Location 84032

Total money lost $22

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered from this company on April 17th 2020. It has been nearly 6 weeks and I have yet to receive my order. I have called several times and left multiple messages, none of which have been returned. I emailed in and was told there is a delay due to Covid 19. I shared my experience on their Facebook and Instagram page. Not only were my comments deleted but I was blocked. They refuse to refund me until I can ship back the items that I will likely never receive.

Kristy – May 21, 2020

I experienced the same issue. I just got off the phone with my bank to dispute the charges and was advised that it must be done within 60 days. Although my purchase is just past this timeframe, maybe this will help you! Unfortunately I’m out $60 but I learned a valuable lesson!

Christie – Apr 09, 2020

Scammer’s phone 1-888-766-8277

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address Does not show

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

I ordered two outfits on February 18th 2020 and it is now April 9th and they have not returned any emails since the end of March. They do not return phone calls either. I have a dozen emails asking for my money back and they refuse. I am out $48 dollars and NO outfits. This is the worst company ever and I would highly recommend you STAY away and do not order from them.

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Eric –

Victim Location 54016

Total money lost $25

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered two dresses for my daughter in February 2019, recieved one of the two about two months later (which shipped from China) and inquired about the other, which according to the order status was processing for shipment. It’s now October and i still haven’t seen anything! I’ve contacted them about 6 times about this since then and keep being told that they’ll look into it and get back to me but they can’t issue a refund since they’ve already marked it as "shipped"even though there is zero tracking history. After a few months i did some online research and discovered that this same situation has happened to dozens upon dozens of people who have ordered from them and never recieved their orders or a refund. It’s a scam!

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