Achos Cattery

Savannah – Nov 10, 2020

Just tried contacting as I was interested in a kitten. From the beginning I felt I was speaking to someone very shady. Broken English and placed me on hold. I asked to get a kitten that was only ten weeks old. They said all their kittens are 12 weeks. That’s pretty crazy. I don’t believe that all their kittens and three different breeds on top of that all gave birth the same day. Fishy!

Meredith – Oct 30, 2020

Be careful of this group as they are now going under the name of Doro Cattery and James Doro is the contact person

Kurt – Sep 28, 2020

I never sent money but, i did ask about the cats for a few week. Tommy as well.

Funny when i said i want to come see the kittens, they stopped responding.

Oh well.

Rosa – Sep 21, 2020

Wow – not surprised I found these reviews. I am in the process of shopping for a kitten and have been talking with them. I have caught them in several lies along the way and now I am just [censored]ing with them so they can feel what it feels like to be screwed with. I hate people like this that feel like scamming people is ok to do.

Ian – Sep 18, 2020

These people are ruthless. I asked about one of their kittens and told them the $100 shipping fee was kind of low considering some sites were asking at least $500. They said they got coupons from the shipping company. Like I believe that. Then I asked for a recent picture of the kitten with the current date written on a piece of paper and he came back saying he was a Christian and wouldn’t do that. He wanted a good home for his kittens and money wasn’t the issue. Yea, right. Somehow they need to be taken down.

Sarah – Sep 15, 2020

Me, too. Should call, check IP address of the email. It is totally a scam.

Marcus – Sep 14, 2020

Scammer’s phone 14404930081

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

Purchased a Maine c o o n kitten for $750, paid through zelle and cashapp. Names I’ve found on this person so far James Johnson, Thomas Lochard, James Achos, Rushunn Mcgriff, was told that they lived in Dayton Ohio… 440 IS an Ohio area code, still haven’t received ANY of my money back and worse, will never get the kitten I had already fallen in love with.

Alison – Sep 14, 2020

I purchased a Maine c o o n kitten named “Tommy” paid $750, $600 for the kitten, $100 for them to ship the kitten to me and a $50 fee. Would NOT email me a receipt, I even questioned it and was assured everything was fine… then absolutely NO response. Took all my money and I will never even get this sweet baby I thought I would. Met another lady online that was almost going to buy the same exact kitten, luckily I could warn her before she sent any money. Please do NOT fall for this as I did, this is a scam and an awful person! Who knows how much money these people have gotten away with!

Allen – Sep 04, 2020

Victim Location 12582

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Located on line for Russian Blue Kitten. Sent in contact information. Response sent back with price of $650, Registration fee $50 Shipping $100. Total $750. Response described shipping procedures. I communicated back if kitten was shipped directly to house. No response on that topic, just care procedures. Repeated communication back on shipping and name on contact of which I never received. No response. Tried phone contact three times. Just cat noises on other line. Left message. No response. Got call back twice, no one on other side of line. Did some investigating as I had suspicion of something wrong as shipping cost was way to low to be shipped to my address. Did google search on name of cattery and name on website. No luck. Did Better business bureau research on scams of this nature. Found out that this type of scam is quite common. Same “MO” motis opperandi

Using only Zelle or direct cash payments.

Roy – Sep 14, 2020

I too am a victim of this specific person, have you had any luck getting any of your money back…? I have no idea where to even start!

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