Alcazar Aussies 53

Joel – Dec 31, 2020

idk if this is the same person but there is another scam websites just like this…

Beth – Aug 12, 2020

Beware! They make it look really real… send a contract and video of your puppy. This is a scam! They only except cash app and will steal your money and stop answering you! Do not fall for theses losers.

David – Aug 11, 2020

Ordered a dog from them. They would only accept payment from cash app. Luckily when I went to send it to them my bank stopped it from going through.when I got suspicious, I asked if I could pick the dog up personally and pay in cash… Never heard from them again.
My daughter found the same pic of the dog we were going to buy on a different website…
Total scam! Thank God we did not loose 825 dollars.

Colleen – Jul 28, 2020

Scammer’s phone 413 686 9835

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

Our family is looking to get an Aussie and came across the website called Alcazar Aussies which looks suspicious and could possibly be a scam. They offered us free shipping then later said it would be $95 to ship it here. He emailed us and always signed off with the name Fred. After doing more research, we came across a scam website that mentioned the name Greenland Aussies. When we read more into it, the Alcazar Aussie home page said the exact same thing as the Greenland Aussie home page but had different pictures of puppies(see down below). We also found multiple reports of scams from the Greenland Aussie page that sounded exactly like what we were experiencing with Alcazar (see down below). Luckily, we caught it before we paid them and didn’t lose any money.

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