Allium Medical Solution Limited

Kayla – Oct 16, 2020

There is another page with this same scam info, however YES they ARE a SCAM! They try to make it legit by sending you paperwork with their logo even though the logo covers a lot of the page on the offer letter. Do not fill out the forms and do not give them your information! Just ignore them altogether. Can’t stress that enough.

Dana – Sep 14, 2020

Victim Location 90723

Total money lost $2,580

Type of a scam Employment

They were looking for an administrative assistant for a medical facility and placed an add on one of the job sites I frequented. Soon they made contact and had me do many things I would have had to training wise. Then it was time to get my equipment from the vendor. They sent me a check which would cover costs. My bank cleared the funds before they could legitimize the check. Once I had paid the vendors, from my bank account, my bank had notified me that same day that the check was fictitious.

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