Amazing Teacup Puppies

Glenn – Nov 29, 2020

I sent this Jonathan Stallings so he says anyway ! I picked out a little gurl yorkie tried to send the whole amount but Zelle would only allow me to send 300 out of the 600 I was paying for the yorkie 🙁 so sad that these people are out there scamming people 🙁 I was so excited to find a new little yorkie after losing my little girl in September:( my new little girl was to be delivered today by 6 pm he messaged me saying they were stuck in Denver CO needing cite permits costing 430 and I said oh no we agreed on 600 that is it but he was insisting I help with the cite permits! Well he would not refund my 300 I paid two days ago and because I was having trouble getting the other 300 to him he was going to have his delivery guys Greg snd Donald collect the cash from me when they delivered her to my door step ! That changed too because of needing the money for the cite permits as he was saying ! He is now saying he can’t refund me because they already left Lincoln NE which seems to be a lie as well ! Why would you drive to CO if the dog is in Lincoln NB to drive to WY ? I kept telling him before today that things didn’t feel right snd to please just refund me ! I have saved everything from him ! This is just so sickening ! I hope this gets out there snd they don’t scam others !

Jesus – Aug 27, 2020

Victim Location 98107

Total money lost $650

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased a puppy on the website. I texted the person and wired them money through zelle. It’s a scam, they will contact you until you purchase and when you ask more questions they won’t respond. They will still "send" the dog to you using airpets americaS (notice the S at the end). That is also a scam website. They will say that the puppy will have a transit and during the transit they say the puppy isn’t doing well and needs a 420$ vaccine booster which is "refundable."

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