American Domestic Freight Agency

Travis – Nov 02, 2020

Bought a pet through for $499.00 and shipping was suppose to be included. Then I got a call from American Domestic Freight and they asked for $1000 for a crate and then called back for another $1500 for pet insurance. After that they asked for another $2000 for a health certificate and shots, which they did not get. They are a scam. I went online to find out about the Vanilla Visa Cards and the person who took the money was Elite Restaurant Equipment Company out of NJ and I am still trying to get them to call me back to find out about the $2500 they took on behalf of American Domestic Freight. I have the Sherriff involved and the DA’s. Don’t want them to get by with this completely! Be careful of any online pet company.

Cameron – Aug 06, 2020

This American Domestic Freight agency and has just scammed me also…I bought a puppy last night from and paid Anissa Anderson. $499.00. Shipping was suppose to
be included in the price that I sent her. Then this morning I get a call from you saying that
I needed to pay $998.00 for a shipping crate in which I paid Keith Shenna . And then I received a message
that everything was good and the puppy would be here today. So tonight I get a email telling me this puppy needs to have health insurance since she is just 10 wks. old.. Health insurance $1500.00. I will not pay anything else. I have contacted the bank and they are also checking into this. I want a refund from American Domestic Freight for the crate that I’m not going to be needing.!
Payment Details
Confirmation Number 1328243923
Amount $998.00
From Navy Federal Credit Union
To Keith Sheena ([email protected])
As of August 06, 2020, the money for this payment was removed from your account and credited to Keith
Just confirming that your payment to Anissa has finished processing.
Payment Details
Confirmation Number 1327557125
Amount $499.00
From Navy Federal Credit Union
To Anissa Anderson ([email protected])
As of August 05, 2020, the money for this payment was removed from your account and credited to Anissa.

Shanna – Aug 06, 2020

Buying 2 puppies, This place place asked for $1,000 for a crate and money will be reimbursed, and I sent the payment with a VISA debit gift card, then they asked again for $1,500 for Insurance. It is when I realized something is not right. I didn’t sent the $1,500.00.
The is the place advertising the puppies for $798.00 and I used Cash App. Both places are a scam, and now I need help how can I report this and get my money back

Tyler – Jul 21, 2020

Big scam. Same experience as other people. Lost a lot. Don’t pay them anything.

Morgan – Jul 15, 2020

This american Domestic Freight agency and has just scammed my son who is a disabled veteran and recovering from PTSD and hoping that bichon frise puppy that he loved to have to help him in his recovery was to no avail. we paid on line from them. so, Pls be careful to buy on line from these agencies, to good to be true. These 2 agencies are scammers and not legit.

Trisha – Jul 15, 2020

We purchase a dog from STARBOUTIQUEPUPPIES.COM, we paid $499 for the puppy through Zelle, then the next day, a shipping company named AMERICAN DOMESTIC FREIGHT contacted us with the tracking number and shipping detail. They contacted us again saying due to COVID 19, we need to pay for a puppy crate worth $998 through Zelle or CashApp, so the puppy will be protected. After paying $998 through Zelle, few hours later, they contacted us again saying that the puppy wasn’t shipped because we need to pay around $1500 for travel insurance, now that’s the time that made me suspicious that this could be a fraud. Like any other legit shipping company, everything should be clear and layed out at the beginning, not charge you after another. I tried calling American Domestic Freight several times and when they finally answer, I told them my frustration and they just hung up on me and never answer my call again. I called my bank and open up a fraud claim, they will investigate and work with me to get my money back, I just lost $1497 and I hope this get settled and get my money back.

Savannah – Aug 06, 2020

Did you get your money back ?

Frederick – Jul 21, 2020

Did the bank ever return the funds?

Rosa – Jul 15, 2020

Email exchange from American Domestic Freight

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Veronica – Jul 08, 2020

OMG thank you so much i was just about to pay but i felt like this was fishy because the because the first time it did not work when i typed in the email and he just sent me two more email to see it any of them would work. He was very demanding lucky i searched it up and i was the same as you guy i hung up the phone right away .

Jodi – Jun 30, 2020

Found 2 french bulldog puppies on Craigslist the asked in the ad for a moving fee then when contacted said theyll give them to me free if promised good home then gave me a fake website for shipping the puppies and started receiving phone calls and texts glad I decided to investigate I would have lost $450

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Barry – May 27, 2020

Victim Location 49037

Total money lost $305

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Once we talked to the guy on the phone he told us a flat rate of $295, We then said that it was fine. He later then emailed again with information on how to make the payment with Zelle App. After downloading and getting a headache on how to get it to work he later gave us another option in how to pay via Cash app since it would be a personal handler bring the animal to airport. Once payment one sent, they later emailed and said that due to coronavirus the animal would need a carrier, 3 different kinds. One for $998, Second for $1,350, and the Third for $1,500. We instantly knew it was a scam them, we we’re skeptical at first but went through with it just because of the nice looking dog. It’s sad because all we wanted to do was provide the animal a home.

Micah – May 26, 2020

Total scam. They advertise cute puppies, email you seeming as they really care where the puppies are going and then refer your to american domestic freight. Lost $300 in the process. I was suspicious at first but was hopeful. They have a website and everything, but they’re not legit.

Brenda – May 24, 2020

This is a total scam – they want you to pay through Zelle then Cash App then Venmo – the whole things is bull[censored]. They advertise free puppies and then block you when you get suspicious. As soon as someone tells you they want to ship though American domestic freight – stop right there and go no further. Luckily cash app saved our [censored] and reversed it.

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20210216100359 602b988fe0e7b American Domestic Freight Agency

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20210216100401 602b98911d775 American Domestic Freight Agency

20210216100402 602b989217be8 American Domestic Freight Agency

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Mathew – Oct 25, 2020

How did cash app help you? I cancelled and requested a refund and they haven’t provided anything useful.

Hilary – Apr 19, 2020

Victim Location 90002

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Online Purchase

this person posted pictures of puppies and claimed they were looking for a good home.

They then try to scam you by asking for you to pay for wire transfer for the puppies transportation. Then try to scam you to pay for the crate through zelle transfer of the money which they claim is 100 percent reimbursed. Its all fake. I found pictures of the dog all over the internet.

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