Amerifed Doc Prep

Hillary – Dec 09, 2020

I am Security Engineer. I promise, I almost fell for this, but the guy Jamerson his name kept saying it looks like you are having hesitation. Just take my direct number and call me back. This was at a point where i kept questioning everything from the beginning before I called. I have not seen this link before and don’t remember doing anything FAFSA through which redirected me to the official website of

From the point where i visited the site and was redirected, i called.
Due to doubt, I asked the representative

— This looks to me like fraud, can you show me where on the DOE website where i can find the phone number on the letter i received?, he said google the number. I did reverse phone lookup and no better info found.

— He continued and mentioned several times that he is with the department of education and how they are trying to help me save on my student loan, debt forgiveness, etc.

Long story short, i know i will be able to see the purpose if they were scam and i requested to speak to a manager/supervisor after he asked me for my e-mail address used for login. They already have my first and lastname which i was not worried, as that was already stated in the deceptive and unsolicited letter they sent “FINAL NOTICE”.

Dude sent a one-time passcode to me, and then i realized he is trying to gain access into my FAFSA and was asking me to provide him the code for a one-time login, so he can download my student loan…?. I did not provide him that and told him, if you were from DOE, why he does not have access to my data and wanting me to provide him that?

Please transfer me to a manger/supervisor and he did, then when i spoke with so called supervisor. I asked are you guys department of education?, he said we are not affiliated with them. “We are offering service just like tax companies when you file your taxes and you use their service like turbo taxes, etc.”

I further asked how they benefit and he said they charge a fee. At this point it was clear that this is DECEPTION, FRAUD and making people believe the are actually DOE.


One of their con game is “we don’t need your information, what are we going to do with the information for someone who owe alot. No body wants to be in debt”

Larry – Dec 08, 2020

I opened an account with Amerifed today December 7th, 2020 misled, and under the impression that it was the Department of Education (DOE) Services. They sent a letter in the mail stating it was a final notice to consolidate my school loans. Like the rest of the complaints, they lie and mislead you to believe they are with the DOE, but they are in fact, a third-party company that charges for services that I could have received for free from the actual Department of Education.
They will give you a payment plan to either pay $299 3 times bi-weekly, or save $100 and pay $399 twice bi-weekly in order to pay your “reduced document fee”. After that, you pay $39/mo for 240 months and the rest of my student loans would be forgiven. It sounds good at first, because they say that they are closing all of your current FedLoanServ accounts and combining them into one new account and that’s where your “reduced document fee” and $39/month x240/months goes. Overall, I would end up paying about $10,000 in total for my student loan debt vs. $50,000>, so it will be a big credit booster if it were true. They said the $39 was based on my income, but now looking back they never had any information on how much I made (check stubs, etc.) so they gave everyone the same script. My representative was Cameron. On the letter they knew exactly how much I owed in student loans already, so I thought it was legit through the DOE. I also did not approve of the company having access to enter my FAFSA account. Again, I was manipulated into thinking that they were the Department of Education and already had my information and was verifying my identity with the code sent to my phone from FAFSA. But in actuality, you guys already had my email address, used the code to change my password, gained access to my FAFSA account once I repeated back the code, and read to me and verified my personal information which I did not approve.
I did not notice until after the phone call that the documents were labeled “Amerifed DocPrep” and nowhere did it say the Department of Education. I started doing more digging and found the horror story of reviews. I immediately called Cameron and said I wanted to cancel this program and any future payments from coming out of my account due to me believing that this was the DOE not a third party, and I can consolidate my loans directly through the DOE. He tried to get me to stay but I refused. He then gave me the customer service phone number that I called over 10 times today and they did not answer. I left a voicemail. I then proceeded to follow the cancelation procedure that states I had 3 days after the documents are signed to stop my program. It had only been 2 hours so I shouldn’t have any problems. I then sent them a written statement to cancel. They responded back a few hours later stating,
Your Department of Education program has been cancelled along with scheduled payments and information provided…”
I have also notified my bank account and got new bank accounts and cards. I change my FAFSA passwords and security questions. I plan on calling a credit bureau in the morning to report it to them and flag it. I am most scared that they have my social security number.
Overall, I am glad I caught it early, but I am very shocked that they are still scamming people after all these negative reviews and complaints.

Ashlee – Dec 16, 2020

I just had this happen to me. I called my bank prior to them taking the money out and I changed my passwords. They they tried to contact you again after your payment failed?

Brittney – Dec 03, 2020

I recently experienced the same thing. They got $399.50 from me for the processing fee. The guy named Hector Martin, or at least that’s what he called himself said the loan application fee is $1800, I told him I’m currently unemployed and can’t afford to pay that amount. He said can get me a discount if I pay in 2 monthly installments which I agreed to. He said I’ll get a package in the mail to sign and send back to him which I never received. He also gave me his number and told me that I can reach out to him at any time if I have any questions, as he is my loan advisor. I was very skeptical to begin with when he told me that monthly payment would be $39 for 240 months and the remaining loan would be forgiven. It sounded too good to be true. This guy was able to access my FSA information just from having my email address. He even changed my password to a temporary password to review my loan. I don’t even know how he got access to all of that, as I did not volunteer to give my information. I immediately changed my FSA password after getting off the phone with him. I tried reaching out to him numerous times to no avail. I called FSA to find out more about this loan forgiveness program, unfortunately after the fact and they told me the website that was listed in the letter that I received is legit, but I should never have to deal with a third party to assist me with a loan forgiveness program. I should only speak directly to me lender. I immediately called my bank and closed my account. I told myself that they will reach out to me once they try to process another payment and get declined, and sure enough they called, texted and emailed me. Mind you I could never get a hold of these people. I hope they all go to jail and become penniless someday soon.

Cody – Nov 16, 2020

Hi guys,
I unfortunately felt for this one too. I need help because I already gave them my bank information and they haven’t charged the money since I told them they can withdraw the money from my account after the 30th of November. I already signed the papers so I don’t know how would this affect my credit. Any advise would be appreciated on what to do next. Thank you.

Marc – Oct 21, 2020

I unfortunately also fell victim to this scam. Something he said did not sit right with me about if we missed a payment the loan would be voided and none of the money we had paid towards this would apply to the loans and we would still owe the government even though he said they would pay off all 8 loans and consolidate it to one loan and that is what I would be paying from here out. I called my bank but had to wait for them to take the first payment before I could stop it and block them from taking any more money. Not sure what other steps I can take from here to make sure they don’t do this to more people.

Hector – Oct 08, 2020

I also got the mail and called them. But I can tell it was a scam after the person answered the phone. He sound like an indian to me, but he introduced himself as Robert Speilgenser (white name) which in my opinion is suspicious. I know about a another scam similiar to this. An Indian call you pretending to be John Smith working for the IRS and ask you to pay your tax with gift card. But sadly, many people lost money to them.
Anyway, this scam is way scarier, because they do get your SSN and bank info. They are so heartless for scamming even during this pandemic.

Kathryn – Oct 08, 2020

I got a mail from them about student loan forgiveness. So I called them and when the person answer the phone, I can tell from his accent that he is an indian. However, he introduced himself as Robert Spellberg which to me sound like a white person name. From here I can tell that it is a scam because I have watched a youtube video that exposed all type of scammers from India. They usually pretend to be the IRS then say that you need to pay tax and ask for gift card as payment (many old people are victim of this). But this time they use a different approach to scam and it is scarier, because they get both your bank info and social security number.

Anyway, I feel bad for all of you that lost money to them. They are are heartless to scam money from us during this pandemic.

Brendan – Aug 19, 2020

I called the number back that was on a letter that seemed to be legit regarding loan forgiveness. I did have loads of student loan debt so this sounded promising. I was offered a chance to only have to pay $39 a month for 20yrs AFTER I finished paying the “processing fee”! I was half asleep due to my 12hr shift prior to the call. However, it was the last day to respond, according to the notice. I then gave my bank details and hesitated to give my ss#. He, Geraldo Ramirez, insisted so I told him that I’d give him the last 4. He insisted that the full 9 digits were needed for processing. Then he emailed forms that looked to be legit and asked me to e-sign them. I did. He then sent me a text with his number and ext and asked me to call if and questions arise. Something didn’t sit well with me after the call so I called My daughter afterwards and told her abt it. She immediately looked up the company which lead me to this page! Boy do I wish I had that “something didn’t feel right” feeling at the beginning of our conversation. Now I have called my bank and put them on notice and I must call the credit companies and put them on notice as well as the proper authorities.

Heather – Aug 17, 2020

I’m under the same situation. Not sure what to do now that they have all my information. I just joined the Navy and want to get into a repayment program. I believe I have been scammed. Similar situation above.

– Paul Mulka

Heather – Aug 13, 2020

Scammer’s phone 8552242245

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Not applicable

Third party scamming people with student debts. Presenting themselves as FedLoans. Charging a fee for a free service that can be done online.

Marc – Jul 30, 2020

Victim Location 53704

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

I received a letter in the mail that appeared to be from the U.S. Department of Education for student loan consolidation promising interest rate reduction, lower monthly payments, and loan forgiveness. I called the number listed and gave them all of my information, including access to my FSA ID account on They gave me a slightly lower rate per month, but then added $800 in document fees that I had to pay up front in installment plans plus an extra $39 a month fee before any payments would be made on the actual loans, which did not make sense to me, but I stupidly gave them my routing and checking numbers. After they sent me documents to sign and mail back, I noticed the address for the loan servicer was Navient. After doing more digging, I found out the number I was calling was for Amerifed Doc Prep LLC. These are malicious companies! There are reports about Amerifed Doc Prep LLC taking money from accounts even after people tried to cancel. I had to close my checking and savings accounts right away and call a credit bureau to issue a fraud alert on my social security number. Now they have all my data, including information about two of my relatives.

Donald – Dec 16, 2020

What credit bureau did you contact? They have my social security number and I don’t want to make the mistake of giving it out again

Hillary – Jul 30, 2020

Victim Location 92870

Total money lost $800

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Says They work with Department of Education to Consolidate your student loan and put you in a loan forgiveness program. Require you to pay a fee to start you off in the program. It doesn’t cost any money to go into a repayment program through the government and they will not ask for your personal information don’t give it them. Lies…Scammers….Beware

Bruce – Jul 24, 2020

The same thing happenned to me, maybe i still have time to stop it. OMG, I was told that my 169.000.000 was forgiven and I only have 9650 left to pay at 39 a month for 204 months. omg I cant believe its a scam. the guy sounded so convincing, I gave them my bank account and stuff, thank you , i still have time to stop it.

Lawrence – Apr 29, 2020

Victim Location 79311

Total money lost $877

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Hello, I would like to start off by saying this company Amerifed doc prep is a scam. They originally mailed me a letter stating I had qualified in the student loan forgiveness program and to call this number listed to help. They claim to help me consolidate my student loans and apply for the student loan forgiveness program with a low interest rate. I had contacted the number listed on the paper mail and asked to speak to Cameron loan specialist. He was very charming and states that this company is affileated with the FedLoan complany and he will help me get all the paper work started, however in order to do so I needed to start by paying some interest of 1600 dollars and then my monlthy bill deducted from my debit card would be set for 39 dollars a month. It sounded like a lot of money but i did have a large student debit of more then 20,000 dollars. So I hesitated and Cameron reasured me that this was a good deal and that the president had made this legit for people who needed help. So I agreed. I asked for the paper work in email to see it for myself. He sent it to me while on the phone. I saw it and it look legit. I proceeded with giving him all of my info, SS#, DOB address ECT. Then my debit card info. IT was charged for the amount of 799.00 one time fee. He said the next 799.00 would come out of my account in two weeks. So being under the impression that the 1600$ would be to start the consolidation and sending money to the loan companies Nelnet and Naviet to pay off some of the interest I had acquire. Keep in mind I am keeping contact with this person named Cameron via phone on a weekly basis. He never contacted me ever since. This was me contacting him asking him why this process was taking so long because by this point we are a month into this and my credit score was docked negative 100 points due to my student loans not being paid. I was very upset but he told me that naviet was being sued due to them delaying their part for student loan forgivess paper work. I believed him and he said he would look into it and see what the hold up was. There was some important documents that I send to Nelnet and Naviet and also FedLoan servicing. Afte two months both loan companies Nelnet and Naviet received my paper work and placed me on a deferment. Both loan companies were asking for more paper work. I didnt understand I called Cameron and he told me to give it some time and it would take time for everyone to be on the same page ect. So by this point its month 3. I still have yet to received a call from loan officer Cameron from Amerifed. I call the number listed and get another person and was told nothing has been received on their behalf, so she asked my to refax all paper work and also mail. So I was upset and did. Here we are April 29 2020 and I called Fedloan servicing and spoke to a lady who then gave me her badge number. She states that she had nothing on file with my info. I proceeded to explain myself once again about this student forgiveness program and how I already paid 800$ plus 39$ fee up front. She asked me if this was through a third party agency. I said no, and told her Amerifed Doc prep. She said yes ma’am they are a third party agency who is being sued and needs to be reported because they are scamming people like you. She advised me that if I wanted to apply for a forgiveness program I would do it through student aid . gov and apply myself. It is free and you shouldnt need someone else to help you with the application. I was in disbelief, I had been scammed. So I called Cameron which he did not answer and spoke to another women who said she could help me. I gave her my account info and she pulled me up and explained to me that they were not scamming me, they are helping me and the 799.00 was to get started with their assistance and the 39.00 was a monthly fee for renewal of service each month. WHAT? So basically 39.00 times 12 months equal 480.00. Wow how could they charge for this if it should be free service. She told me that sometimes people don’t know how to submit the correct paper work for loans ect and that when they come in to help? I stopped her and said cancel me immediately. She said ok but we can not refund you any money because you agreed to our services. I went back and forth with Jennifer Borquez about how they scammed me and I was going to report them. She send me an email stating my service with them had been cancelled. I wasn’t satisfied. I was upset and scared. I called my bank and stopped payment from this company Amerifed Doc prep. Was charged 39$ of course more money out of my pocket but well worth. The banker states that if this company has my debit card info they can pass their self as a different name and try to charge my account. I had to take action and report them and stop all future payments. I am a single mother trying to do the right things in life like most and pay off debit. For the first time in my life I had been scammed. Please be aware if third party companies leading you to believe they work with the actual government forgiveness program. Let’s bring these companies down and close their fraud of a business.

Scott – Dec 16, 2020

What did you do considering that now have you social security? The same thing happed to me and I changed my checking account but they still have my social

Melanie – Nov 03, 2020

I have the exact same story as you with how they got all my information. I have reported them to the federal trade commissions as well as the NY Attorney General. It is so unfortunate that a paper which is free for us to print out they are charging $799 for.

Caroline – Aug 13, 2020

I had the exact same experience… I ended up closing the account from which they were taking the money. They charged me $799. When I called Fedloan servicing they had nothing on file for me as well…

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