Heidi – Oct 27, 2020

I had had a very similar experience except I spent $129.57. when I failed to reach AnaZshop, I disputed this order with PayPal with no luck these people are worse than scammers. After that I disputed amount with my Bank. Do not order from these people and Do not use PayPal !

Mathew – May 12, 2020

Victim Location 11361

Total money lost $40

Type of a scam Online Purchase

omg PLEASE PPL BEWARE! Recently I used my paypal account to pay forsome kitchen item that I purchased online! They did not have that item on Amazon, so I was searching online an this shop popped up online, called AnaZshop and they advertised that they carry the item I was looking for. Never before I was scammed like this online, so I did not even think of any scam, but went ahead and order the item. The website looked normal, legal, had invoice sent to my e-mail, also they provided contact e-mail and phone number, so I did not think of of it much. Soon they sent e-mail confirmation of the order to my e-mail I have provided. Something very strange happened the very next day. On my paypal account it said that item was delivered via UPS and they even provided FAKE UPS tracking number and even it said delivered!!!???? I was like wait a minute: nothing to this day was ever delivered to me from them or any other scammers associated to them, so I attempted to call and send e-mail to them with info they provided online. Phone number totally fake and no one ever responded to my e-mails and requests for explanation. ALSO: very strange: on my paypal it said that seller was Hang Store from CT, which did not made sense, cuz on the website said New Jersey. omg I knew at that point I was scammed and I will never see my 40$ from them again! I felt so helpless and violated and dumb, too. I filled case with paypal and sent them pictures and all the records of transactions etc and they said they will follow up with seller and try to resolve my case.WHAT IS MOST STRANGE that fake ups record they provided shows that I received the item from them, delivered, a day before I even placed the order!!!???? That is of course technically impossible so it was very obvious they were lying and that they are scammers. ALSO, BEWARE: their address of this AnaZshop keeps changing, one day is NY, next day NJ, then Minnesota, etc…phone numbers they provide on that website also keep changing!!!??? Go figure! VERY BIG SCAM! Please beware and NEVER PLACE ANY ORDERS ON THIS WEBSITE, PLEASE. I do not want anybody ever again to be scammed like this! The worst of all, after almost a month has passed, PayPal decided to close my case and NOT to refund any money to me, based on that FAKE UPS NOTICE, that looks "real" and that said "delivered", even though I proved to them about the dates of purchase, so they can see how that totally does not match, but they sided with scammers and I say: SHAME ON YOU PayPal for supporting cyber criminals! Horrible. I lost my 40$, thank God it was not more, and I ve learned my lesson to be extremely careful when shopping online! I pray to God that someone reads this and that I am able to prevent someone else to fall prey to these cyber criminals, who rip ppl off shamelessly! Shame on all of them!

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