Manuel –

Victim Location 29406

Total money lost $540

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The business Animaroo purports to be a website for the sale of various animals as pets–including dogs, cats, horses, and birds. It has been "in business" for a number of years, and I personally have been allowing them to remove $14.99 from my account every month for at least 3 years. About 2 years ago–I stopped receiving any referrals from that site, and there is NO customer support listed. Since then, the phones in Missouri and Texas have been disconnected, they do not respond to my letters NOR to the requests for information in either State. I have discovered the real owner, who is an MD–and his Medical accreditation has been moved several times in the last year. In short–there is no longer a real website doing what he claimed was the aim of the business–but merely collecting money from foolish people like me that believed him. I am changing my card # immediately.

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