Annette Willy

Fernando – Dec 30, 2020

Scammer’s phone 617-706-5079

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address boston moving to suwanee, georgia

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Employment

Initial means of contact Email

first off, if it wasn’t for this platform, i would have followed through with this person. so for that, thank you. you all protected me from a very dangerous situation and i am beyond thankful.

i received a message from somebody named annette jane watson through she said that she was moving from Boston in two weeks and needed a babysitter/someone to help run errands on a 4-5 day per week basis for 15 per hour. she said she had a two year old son named Rob. she originally said these errands would consist of running to the grocery store, going shopping for herself and her son, and making arrangements for her interior decorator/movers prior to her moving. she said for the first errand, she bought furniture from the UAE (united arab emirates) and she would send me a check in order to pay them for the furniture. she also asked me a bunch of personal questions (later on), including my full name, address (most likely for the check), age and date of birth, phone number, where the closest walmart is to me, etc. she also persisted on emailing me rather than texting me, and the only time she would text me would be to respond to an email. if i didnt respond within a matter of an hour, she would repeatedly text me in a passive aggressive tone. she also said in every email to make sure i am faithful, honest, not cancel on her, and was pressuring me in staying with her and completing this errand with her while failing to mention anything about the actual babysitting job. later on, she told me i would deposit the check in my account and send the money to the UAE under my name, and the next day i would meet with the movers. i then noticed that i could not find her sitter account anymore, the only mode of communication we had was through her phone number and email. i searched for her social media handles and found nothing, and i even tried googling her name. it wasn’t until i googled her email address and found numerous people who had been in the EXACT same situation with this person. every story was the same – a girl named anne was moving from boston, they needed help moving, they needed to deposit a 2400 dollar check for moving expenses, etc. this was clearly a spam situation with all of my money would have been drained from my bank account through her finding out my banking information from walmart, and this was also a potential trafficking situation. what worries me is if i wouldnt have asked someone about this, i would have gone and this would have been a terrible and life-threatening situation. the email she was emailing me from is [email protected] and her full name that she gave me is annette jane weston. obviously this is a fake name, but this is what i have from the emails. the phone number contacting me was 617-706-5079. attached are some of the emails/texts received from her, however i did white out my personal information. DO NOT GO IF YOU GET A MESSAGE FROM THIS PERSON! BLOCK, REPORT, DO WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO DO! THIS IS NOT SAFE!

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20210216101351 602b9adf06b08 Annette Willy

20210216101352 602b9ae0189da Annette Willy

Sophia – Sep 02, 2020

we have been texting recently and she said that her and her son were moving into my area and that she needed a pet sitter for her german shepherd. i accepted the job and like an [censored] gave my address she then asked me to make a big deposit of $2650 and agreed to pay me $12. i was already suspicious of her but when she stated that i would be using my own bank account to take the $2650 and pay for furniture i said no. do not respond to her!

Sandra – Jul 13, 2020

I’m from CT and Annette Willy contacted me through She seemed very needy and I thought this was going to be a dog sitting job but then she said she needed an errand helper so I just accepted it. We are texting right now and something seemed extremely off. She’s asking for my address which I actually didn’t even give out, I gave her my university address which I don’t even live on. But she kept persisting for my bank info. I just searched her number and email which she contacted me through [email protected] and found out she’s a scammer and has scammed others. Stay safe 🙂

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20210216101354 602b9ae2249ad Annette Willy

20210216101355 602b9ae30d7b7 Annette Willy

20210216101355 602b9ae3ecf12 Annette Willy

20210216101356 602b9ae4da8a1 Annette Willy

20210216101358 602b9ae6170c7 Annette Willy

20210216101359 602b9ae701694 Annette Willy

20210216101359 602b9ae7d150c Annette Willy

20210216101400 602b9ae8ba630 Annette Willy

20210216101401 602b9ae9965bb Annette Willy

20210216101402 602b9aea83e05 Annette Willy

Vanessa – Sep 02, 2020

have you been contacted at all after your encounter? i just ended the conversation before “she” even sent a check. i just don’t want to be contacted or hacked later on.

Chad – Jul 13, 2020

She called herself Anne Kija Thompson but her email was [email protected]

Neil – Jun 02, 2020

Her name changed to Emily Johnson, but she uses the same email: [email protected]

I was approached by her through the pet sitting website. She sent me a long email saying that she was going to come to my area on June 10th. She was living in California and coming to Arizona. She was working on her new home here in Tucson. She did not tell me what part but very close by (RED Flag). I was told she was of hard hearing. She needed an immediate pet sitter but wanted me to work for her family. She offered me both positions. She told me about herself and asked me questions about me and then asked for my resume she tried to be as credible as possible. Later on, she mentioned she had a son named Jason randomly and her story started to feel uncoordinated. She mentioned how she would pay me handsomely. She also had told me how the previous person was a disappointment and didn’t want that to happen and therefore she was going to pay me in advance. I am staying in an Airbnb and wasn’t giving her my address and she kept on trying to get me to give her my address. I did not take the job as I started to get concerned with the amount of money she wanted to hand to me before meeting me. I was asked to meet with her at a MacDonald’s on the 10th. I reached out to my college to ask about it. I had a bad feeling about it. This is how we came across this page on scams. I am so thankful for all who have shared this because they are trying to take advantage of people. I exchanged multiple emails with Emily thinking that it was a true job, but I had a gut feeling and I am glad that I did not follow through. Share the scam they are doing.

Also, report to your local cops because they could be a human trafficking service too. It is better to be safe and sorry.

Today, I was reached out by another scammer who may work with Emily named Mikes on housesitting. Please be careful.

I should have known better but I never imagined this happening to me.

#Emily Johnson #mike s #Annete Willy

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Morgan – Aug 17, 2020

how do i report the email because she emailed me

Sarah – May 05, 2020

And her email is [email protected]
Looked up her number said they were scam number

Sophia – May 05, 2020

Victim Location 76248

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I signed up for a babysitting app where a woman who called herself "Annette Willy" asked me to be her babysitter and errand helper. The first task was to arrange for furniture delivery to her new home. Annette sent a check addressed to me for $2,650 that was meant to cover the furniture costs and more. She wanted me to deposit the check into my bank account and meet with the delivery people the next day. This was the first indication that this was a scam. I googled the # Annette had been contacting me with, and found that she had recently tried to scam someone else in the same way through a dog walking app.

Once i received the check, I was able to verify with the issuing bank, TD Bank, that it was a FRAUDULENT CHECK.

The check also came with very specific instructions about how to deposit it (mobile deposit only), and who to contact immediately after depositing it. The money was allegedly supposed to be distributed by a "payroll officer" by the name of Paul Smith with Perkins Coie (which is an international law firm).

The USPS envelope in which it was delivered came from an apartment complex in Sacramento, CA while Annette told me she lived in Boston, MA and was moving to Texas soon. Annette got EXTREMELY impatient when the check was delivered, encouraging me to deposit it immediately and let her know. Next the "furniture delivery guy" started calling and texting me asking me to meet up. He had a thick Indian accent.

Of course, I did not deposit the check, but I want to make sure that the people behind this are held responsible. Here are the multiple avenues of fraudulent contact they provided me:

Annette Willy

phone (using a google voice #): 617-340-9741

email: [email protected]

Jeffrey Phillips

phone (using a google voice #): 513-279-8245

Paul Smith / Henry Powell

phone: 346-202-5272

email: [email protected]

Drew –

I have the exact same story but she’s from California and hard of hearing would not talk on phone only texts out email and I got the check she also was pushy I also tried calling the Paul guy and he texted me he was in a meeting and asked who I was I said I got a check and wanted to make sure it’s real he said yes deposit it and send me a slip right away I said well how do you know which check he said he just issued 5 and knew they would get them today he said what’s your name I have him a different name and he said yes and I put that’s not my name haven’t heard from him .. The woman saying she’s got a hearing problem Emily Johnson wanted me to babysit and help her mom ..she told me to d deposit at the atm I said I would like to hear from you she said you know I’m hard of hearing i told her I just wanted he to say her name to verify and she instantly got upset and said she was disappointed in me she wouldn’t do that and gave me fake pics and licence from a email. But I told her I deposited the check through my app and told my bank so they knew and it’s pending till the 13th ..Emily said that’s why I said to go to a atm her number is
(763)656-0935. I heard about 4 of these sane stories she told me she’s moving from CA to Saginaw Mi and needed me to post the furniture guys..And me a week advance which added up to 1700 and the check is for 2500

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