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Nicolas – Sep 16, 2020

I ordered a ginormous dog kennel for 68 dollars. It’s been 5 months now, no kennel. I also have been going back and forth to the post office to check the shipping number, which at first it tracked, now it doesn’t even exist, and the weight was off, saying that it weighed less than 1lb. After reading these comments, I’m sure it was the masks like everyone else’s. BIG SCAM FROM CHINA.

Teresa – Oct 14, 2020

How did you pay? File a complaint! I paid with Paypal and it took five months, and I refused a partial refund from the “seller”, but I got my money totally refunded.

Jonathon – Sep 01, 2020

Ordered 2 cat towers on April 17th, 2020. Its now Sept. 2020 with no delivery of cat towers. After 100’s of emails from the months, recieved a package with 5 face masks.. FACE MASKS 😡 ! Contacted them. “Sorry for the inconvenience, we kindly ship out original products to you”. 2nd time tracking my order, finally almost here…package in my town. Next day thinking it would arrive, go to tracking, usps page states item was lost in mail , contact sender. 😠😠 as Im beyond fuming at this point, I contacted them. They said “we will reship items”. So I start tracking items…here,almost here… Check again few days later, says “package was unsuccessful in delivery. No available person “? Wth !This time I contacted my post office and my post master said he would investigate and find my packages. A few days later I receive the email from my postmaster saying that no packages could be found anywhere and it sounded like this was a scam company. That what they were doing is scamming people’s money and sending them false tracking numbers. I did save every email from this company and person and forwarded them to the postmaster and to Paypal ( which thankfully I used to pay for the items). They investigated and found it to be Scam. Paypal returned my money. I do not know what they are doing to this company or person at this point. BUT DO NOT BUY OR GIVE THIS COMPANY OR PERSON ANY OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION. REPORT THESE *#*#%$# ! And get them caught !

Alana – Oct 14, 2020

This happened to me, as well, and around the same dates. Fortunately, I paid via Paypal and after five months and refusing the seller’s partial refund (HELL NO!), Paypal refunded my money!

Jaclyn – Aug 02, 2020

I ordered a cat stroller and like most of you because of the corona they said be patient that it’s hit hard with the shipping. Yesterday it came in the mail (sent to my parents) and on the description it said underwear, I had my mom open it and there was two masks in there. I tried to get a refund back but since it was already shipped I had to wait til it got delivered. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!

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Erika – Jul 28, 2020

I ordered a wooden cat enclosure and received 5 face masks in the mail. Upon contacting customer service they tried to offer me a “90% discount and will re-send the original product.”
100% bait-and-switch scam. Buyer beware.

Seth – Jul 08, 2020

I ordered the cat genie for 58.00 and received two face mask in the mail for my dollars. I contacted the company numerous times oly to receive response that made no sense
Don’t Do it!

Lacey – Jun 29, 2020

Now seeing a trend with this lowlife scamming “company” from China. I ordered 2 cat enclosures and received 2 of the cheap-[censored] disposable masks. They claim they’ll resend the correct item and then stop all communication. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COST! Luckily I paid with paypal and I filed a claim through them. It seems like all these orders were placed in April 2020 (mine as well), so there was not all these complaint reports when I searched for the company and/or items. I wish this company could face criminal charges for stealing from all these unsatisfied customers, but I’m sure they hide behind some international firewall. Pathetic and no use for a crappy company like this, again AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID…DO NOT BUY FROM THEM unless you want to overpay for cheap disposable facemasks.

Brandon – Oct 14, 2020

Same here…and thankfully, Paypal refunded my money!

Claudia – Jun 23, 2020

I too ordered from Redutern. I thought I was ordering from a seller in the USA as it didn’t say anything about it being in China. I was ordering a 16 lb bag of Rx cat food. Normally its $80 in USA and this seller had it free shipping for $52. I ordered it and found out it was from China when I received the tracking number 4 days later. I ordered April 17th 2020 and by June I texted Redutern and Paypal saying I hadn’t received my item. They checked and said the tracking shows they were shipped back in April and to be patient because of the Corona situation mail is slower and international air mail is even slower. So I have been patient. I get my order yesterday and opened it up and there were 5 black face masks in it. I knew I hadn’t ordered any face masks from CHINA! I got on my etsy and ebay accounts and couldn’t find anything with that tracking number. So I got on paypal and there it was. My catfood had terned into face masks. I just filed a claim with paypal and alerted Redutern of the crooked company.

Ebony – Jun 23, 2020

Photo of my cat food that got turned into face masks!

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Theodore – Jun 22, 2020

I think I’ve figured out how this scam works. China has subsidized shipping cost and it cost the U.S. significantly more to Ship to China. Once you file a claim with PayPal the scammer will offer you most of your money back which was around $10 in my case. I accepted just to be done with the person and it would have cost me more to send back the stinking masks.

Dominic – Jun 24, 2020

I meant to say of the 56.00 I spent I got it all back except for Approximately $10. It would have cost that much to return the mask.

Mitchell – Jun 18, 2020

Not only did I too receive face masks they told me they reshaped my product sent me a tracking number that never tracked anywhere in China or the us when I emailed them they sent me some fake itinerary showing my package was in the us and already delivered. Dog enclosure. $56.00

Lee – Jun 03, 2020

I ordered the cat enclosure on April 24, 2020 still haven’t received anything. I tried calling thephone number and it was active,then I sent an email wanting a refund but haven’t heard from them that way either. At this point they can keep the cat enclosureand just give me my money back.

Tyler – Jun 27, 2020

Exact same thing happened to me, with the cat enclosure as well. Everytime I would email them they would respond with my tracking number and there’s been no activity since May 10th with my tracking number. Asked for a refund, they told me items been shipped and sent the same tracking number to me.

Nicholas – Jun 12, 2020

Me too! Today I received 5 moldy face masks under the tracking code they gave me. I have applied to PayPal for my $60.68 refund for this Catio. Guess I’ll have to build my own enclosure for my birds!

Armando – May 31, 2020

Same as Cindy S… I ordered a cat cage /pen and received black face masks instead.
There’s no way to prove I didn’t receive the cage because the tracking number was valid yet the item wasn’t! I plan to file a claim with paypal and hopefully get my $ back. It’s pretty much pointless to try contacting them because they don’t exist .
Product Model Quantity Price Total
Large Wooden Cat Run House Enclosure Outdoor Animal Catio Cage w/ 6 Platforms NO263001206963 1 $56.19 $56.19
Sub-Total: $56.19
Total: $56.19

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Jill – Oct 14, 2020

Paypal refunded me 100% – I refused the seller’s offer of $50 vs. $60.68. I SAID HELL NO…It took five months, but it was worth it.

Jonathan – Jun 02, 2020

Thank you Cindy S.
I’ve filed my case , now we wait. This is the first time I’ve been scammed . I feel angry and ashamed that I fell victim to it. The price of the cat cage enclosure should have set off warning bells. I’ve learned something from this and will be wary of shopping legitimate online stores.

Dominic – Jun 01, 2020

Good luck! I filed a claim with PayPal. And I plan on reporting them to BBB, and adding reviews wherever I can. Seems like they’ve done this under different names but always with the same street address in Washington state!

Wesley – May 30, 2020

I ordered a cat enclosure for $60.68. My story is identical to one of the earlier posters. I received a shipping confirmation number which I followed until I noticed that my item has been delivered locally. I went to the post office to pick up my item and it was for black facemasks!

I also contacted Redutern And they told me that my item has been delivered. I went through the whole rigmarole of telling them I didn’t order facial masks nor would I pay $60 and some change for four!

I’ve started a complaint against them via PayPal and hope to get my money back.

I told them that I was going to report them everywhere I could online!

Rodney – May 27, 2020

Victim Location 08857

Total money lost $53.68

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a dog basket for a bicycle from their website and instead of sending me the item, they sent me 2 face masks that came from China. This was after they confirmed my order with the correct item. After contacting them multiple times, they told me I needed to send the wrong item back in order to get a refund, but they advised against that since I would be in charge of the shipping!! So instead they kept trying to push for 85% refund and I could keep the masks. Thanks, but no thanks! I have demanded a FULL refund multiple times via e-mail and they kept either trying to send the correct item, or trying to only give me back only 85% of the amount I paid. This has been going on for over three weeks now. I still have yet to get any money back.

Arthur – Jun 05, 2020

I received an email this morning offering to resend the original item I ordered. I said no that I wanted a full refund.
I ‘m tired of playing this game.
I’ m not paying to send the masks back either.

Barbara – May 23, 2020

I purchased an automatic cat box, When I ordered it online, I also received an error but then I received a fraud alert for my credit card for the charge. I emailed them and they responded saying my ordered had been processed and provided a tracking number. The item shows it was sent to the shipping airport within 3 days but since the 6th of May no other updates to tracking, it now has been 3 weeks with nothing. I have emailed the company several times and was getting a response, but really no help. they would not refund money as they say the item had been shipped. No responses are automated and no one has gotten back to me. Will be disputing charge to my credit card next

Henry – Aug 16, 2020

Update to order, I received two white facemasks after 8 weeks, I complained by email and they asked for a photo of what I received and the shipping label. I sent it and they said it was an error and would send the correct item, I said I wanted my money back. They said no problems but that takes 7-15 business days. Still waiting 30 days later, I now just email them once a day, telling them they are crooks and thieves. I had to dispute the charge with my credit card to get my money back.

Adrian – Apr 27, 2020

Victim Location 78218

Total money lost $57

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I made a purchase on line for a cat cage I placed order then I received an error message. I checked my account. And money was taken out of my account I never received a confirmation number or tracking number or receipt. I tried calling contact number. On website and number is no good. I emailed them 3 time and they have responded with the same email back all three times as if auto generated emails. I asked for a good contact number and the still have not sent me one.

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