Shannon – Oct 26, 2020

Your subscription for online computer services will be renewed and updated From Appvisio LLC.

Product Name : Network Security & Anti-virus
Order Date : October-26-2020
Subscription : 1 Year
Price : $249.98
Payment Method : Direct Debit
Purchase Type : Auto-Renewal

Darrell – Jul 30, 2020

Victim Location 55343

Type of a scam Phishing

This company called me on 3/25/2020 and said that I had a virus on my computer and that they could take care of it for $699. Without my knowledge or consent, they charged me $200 on 4/22/2020 and $350 on 4/23/2020. Then they charged me $800 on 4/24/2020 for a year subscription to "military level" virus protection. They charged my account twice.

my daughter told me it was probably a scam and to cancel the subscription in May for a total refund. Appvisio, LLC told me they needed to connect to my computer in order to cancel the subscription. I let them sign onto my account. The gentleman said that he removed the program and that I should expect a refund in a short amount of time. In July, Appvisio calls again asking to have remote access to my computer. I refused to give them access again. Needless to say, I never was refunded the money. I believe this company is a bunch of hackers trying to find information on people’s computers and taking their money for a product that doesn’t exist.

Rodney – May 16, 2020

Victim Location 73112

Type of a scam Identity Theft

Sent pop up portraying himself as Microsoft and spamware, took my mothers info and when we realized it was spam we cancel the card. The guy Shaun has called both my parent 50x’s a day and harassing for money. When I asked for business ein # he freaked and told me that I couldnt have information that was public

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