Arc logistics courier

Shanna – Oct 29, 2020

I seen their ad on craigslist for two golden retrievers. They wanted me to send 490 through the zelle app, which made me suspicious. I googled them and got a pngage, But when i looked them up on bbb they could not be found. I also thought it was strange that there wasn’t an address on the site. I even google the person giving away the pups address and it was a house when the person told me that her and her husband were moving into an apartment that could not have pets. There is a ARC LOGISTICS INC, but its a completely different website. Overall I did not send the money so that is good but they do need to be stopped.

Katherine – Oct 21, 2020

Same thing happened to me was add on Craigslist sent me to this courier through zelle wanted to ship two puppies for 490 dollars I called and was a google number someone needs to stop these people

Jimmy – Oct 20, 2020

A private individual attempted to sell me a golden retriever puppy, but she wanted to send the dog across the state through this company rather than have me retrieve the dog myself. The company alleged that for $350 they would transport the dog to me, but they wanted me to pay them by sending money over Zelle to a yahoo account. I obviously found this suspicious, so I called the company on the provided phone number, which was a google voice account. I then continued to research the company and found that the exact same google number had been used in multiple similar scams and that the seller’s number was actually associated with an escort service. Needless to say, I never sent them any money, but I hope that entirely fake dog finds a happy (albeit entirely fake) home.

Courtney – Jun 15, 2020

Victim Location 48185

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company was supposedly trying to ship my teacup pup maltese to me but required me to urgently pay $854 to get a carrier for a pup and then they would take it back after delivering the pup.

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