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Evan – Oct 20, 2020

A message popped up on my computer screen with the Microsoft emblem stating my computer was at threat for viruses. I called and spoke with someone named Anna who stated she needed to diagnose the problem and before I knew it she was inside my computer showing me threats to my computer, software that had stopped working. It didn’t feel right but for some reason I stayed in the phone. She stated it would be $249 to fix the problem. Against my better judgement I agreed they then transferred to security specialist to educate me on how to prevent these attacks which was basically someone trying to sell me virus protection for an obscene amount of money, in the thousands. I declined this and was told I would get 6 months of virus protection free with the “fix”. But the fee all of a sudden changed to 279.99 for a consultation fee and taxes. The company that I was talking to said they were Smart Help Store and the third party merchant who I paid was Aspire Marketing. Anna, the woman in my computer brought up a website for Smart Help Center as I was questioning the legitimacy. Paperwork appeared for Aspire Marketing and she clicked my signature and sent it through my email as I was asking to read the agreement. I felt very pressured and was concerned about my computer and they preyed on fear. They installed some free virus software and were in my computer for a long time. I fear they stole private information. The Senior Technician who was supposedly working on my computer said his name was Mark Rauth. Days after they kept calling for a “feedback” call and I ignored the calls. I did end up talking to my credit card company and disputed the charge. After that the same person who was calling for feedback called and left a message stating she was calling from Aspire Marketing about the disputed charge and wanted to resolve it on their end. The calls were “unknown” coming from different regions and some calls were toll free.

Catherine –

Victim Location 78641

Total money lost $350

Type of a scam Tech Support

My computer locked up and their number appeared to call them. At first they said they were Microsoft. They charged me $350. To fix my computer, then a few days later they said they charged me too much and wanted to refund $150. By me opening my online bank account so they could transfer from their bank. I told them I would not open my bank account for them online and they would have to refund the $150. To my credit card. They said if I refused to open my bank account online then I would loose the partial refund. I repeated that there was no chance that I would open my bank account online for them. I don’t have an example of the screen that appeared when they locked my computer. They said that malware did it. But I now believe they were the malware, so I would pay them to unlock my computer. Thank you

Jo Ann Biggs

[email protected]

Christy –

Victim Location 98059

Total money lost $499.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

Popped up on computer that they are Microsoft and that my computer had viruses and only they could fix it. I thought it was legit and gave them $499.99 for a 3 year service. They tried to take that amount twice but my bank stopped the 2nd transaction. Called to get money back after now that realize was a scam but they refused and cursed at me. Have contacted my bank to report the fraud to try to get money back.

George –

Victim Location 71360

Total money lost $499.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

TOLL FREE NO: 1-888-736-2396, 1844-293-1856

SERVICE EMAIL: [email protected]








CALL: 1-877-552-9914






these guys froze my computer and directed me to a phone # to have the pc unlocked and installed bogus security upgrades. they presented themselves as technicians with "windows defender"

Ronnie –

Victim Location 31089

Total money lost $149

Type of a scam Tech Support

They locked my scene, then gave me a number to call, I end up paying 149.00 to them to fix my computer saying it was full of malware and adware, etc.

Claudia –

Victim Location 47714

Total money lost $49.99

Type of a scam Other

This is their claim below:

We take care of all gmail issues like:-

Password recovery for gmail

gmail account Recovery Services

Configuration With Different Email Services Like Outlook

Email Services Management for Gmail

Fixing Receiving and Sending Email problems

Toll free number for Gmail Customer Service – 1-888-297-6323

Creating New Gmail Account With more Security Feature

Restore, Retrieve Hacked Or Lost Gmail Account

Fixing Gmail Account Hacking problem

Not able to Login/sign in or gmail login problems

Forgot Security Questions or answer

Troubleshooting gmail errors and technical support

Customer service for gmail email backup

Fixing gmail setting and setup problems

Disabled gmail mail account without reason

Gmail Tech Support Number for fixing gmail issues

Resolve Gmail email sending and receiving issues

Restore or Retrieve Hacked Or Lost gmail account

Gmail password Recovery Service phone Number – 1-888-297-6323

I called them to see if my gmail was hacked into, and they asked for my email and password. They also told me that I had security on my gmail account since Dec 21, 2015 and it was expiring soon. The person I spoke to told me his name was Ronnie Wilson. He told me with the security I had no one was able to hack into my account but I would need to add protection if I wanted to keep it that way. He first offered me a five year plan that was $150, and I let him know I could not afford that, so he offered $40 off of that price. I declined, and asked him if they had a one year plan. He said yes, for $49.99. I took that plan because all the while I thought I was speaking to gmail customer service. After hanging up, I get a message on my gmail account stating that I got a New Sign in from another computer. I didn’t think anything of it until the IP said India, and it asked me "was this you?" Now why would Gmail ask me that if I was actually speaking to a Gmail customer representative? The next thing that happened was I got a text message from my back for the amount of $49.99 from Aspire Marketing. Well, I didn’t speak to Aspire Marketing. Who I spoke to was Ronnie Wilson, a gmail customer service representative as he stated on the phone. I started to do research about Aspire Marketing online, and turned out to be all bad reports, mostly scams. So, I called back about 15 minutes later and asked to speak to Ronnie. I told Ronnie I didn’t feel comfortable and I would like my money back. He then told me he wasn’t going to give my money back. I asked him if this was truly Gmail how aren’t you able to give my money back? I told him that my bank automatically sends me texts messages any time something is taken out of my account, and it said Aspire Marketing and Not Google nor Gmail. I also told him that Gmail had also sent me a notice stating that someone logged onto my account from India, and I also knew that Google is an American company. He told me that Aspire Marketing is just the company they use and he was in Florida and the IP address just said India. I told him yes it states the IP address is in India, but it also states that the location where the computer was used is NEARBY the IP address. He than began to get louder and louder with me, telling me he wasn’t giving me my money back. He said he had already installed the program. I told him we did this 15 minutes ago, uninstall it and refund my money. I told him you cannot tell someone they cannot have their money back within minutes of doing something. He told me that it was like going to the grocery store, taking a bite out of the food and trying to return it. I told him no, that is NOTHING alike at all. I said, it’s more like getting a new phone and taking it back the same day, which you can do since you claim to be in Florida. Anyway, this went on for awhile. I had to threaten him with my lawyer and told him I was disputing the charge, and reporting them to the BBB. He said he wasn’t scared of any and didn’t care, but he finally gave in and claimed that he was giving me a refund of the 49.99, and he just wouldn’t eat for Christmas as if it were my fault that he was scamming people. He never asked for my card number again so he could refund it even though I asked repeatedly if he needed it to refund it, and he said no. I told him I didn’t understand how he was going to refund my money if he didn’t have the card number. I mean isn’t it against the law to keep card numbers if it’s not a reoccurring purchase is what I asked him. He said all he would have to do was reverse the transaction…Anyway, it’s been quite the headache. I’ve had to change my gmail again and freeze my account right before Christmas.

This is something else on the website they claim they do, but they never mentioned it to me. They claim to have all calls on recorded lines. We will see.

Your password is asked for remote access or in person support agents

Our expert tech agents ask you for login information when providing in person support or remote access supports however, this is only done for one time, service basis. And, soon as the service is over, our agents will recommend you that you change your information for logging in. This is done to make sure that clients stay assured about their login details since they won’t be shared anymore. Moreover, in remote access service, you will have complete control on the session so you can end it anytime you like. Once logged in and then logged out, the information is forever removed from our archives and our experts are under legal obligation to protect customs information under our stringent privacy policy.

Derek –

Victim Location 53066

Type of a scam Tech Support

Pop-up appeared on my screen that my computer had numerous viruses. The "Microsoft" tech would check it out and get rid of the viruses for $349 for one year, via my credit card.

Sheena –

Victim Location 45459

Total money lost $119.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

Scammer misrepresented themselves as a "Microsoft" certified technician after planting malware on computer. Instead of fixing my problem, incompetent technician calling himself "Kevin" proceeded to cause further damage by removing my network drivers, wiping out my e-mail & office software, and other damage. It cost $374.40 in additional expense to repair my computer, e-mail. Complaint has gone unanswered, but keep receiving calls from foreigners asking to send in support agreement, which I did not, I have disputed the charge with my bank. Agent also claimed to install Norton Antivirus, which they did not.

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