Baker’s Best Health

Joy – Nov 02, 2020

Im POA for my 95 year old mother and she got the same scam bill from Bakers best Health. Bunch of scammers scamming seniors. [censored]. They should be reported.

Sandra – May 15, 2020

Victim Location 98122

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company sent to my elderly father, unsolicited, very expensive creams that claim to relieve arthritis pain.

Lance –

Victim Location 85743

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I am active POA for my 90+ year old mother, who is being scammed now for the second time by this company for product that was not ordered. On 3/22/18 I sent the product with a certified letter back to this company. The letter stated that the product was returned, no bill would be paid, and no further contact with her should take place. I told them she does not handle any accounts or bills anymore, due to dementia. I sent them the exact information they requested to take off their mailing list. I stated that if they contacted her again by any means, I would lodge a complaint to the BBB, and Attorney Generals office, which I am now doing. I have a copy of the letter I sent them, and the certified receipt signed by a Gary Simmons at Bakers Best Health, dated 3/27/18, so they have received their product back They have ignored this by sending her more product and finding my address to send the bill, which I just received today. The community home she lives in called me last week to say she had received this package again with a bill. I asked them to return to sender, which they did. My mothers mail comes to my home address now, and I have never given this company my address, but they found it somehow to send this bill to her at my address!!!!! This company has most likely given her name to 2 others I am also dealing with now. They too, have sent her products she has not ordered, and I have returned their products as well. I want this stopped.This is a scamming of seniors, pure and simple. It needs to be dealt with.

Taylor –

Victim Location 48313

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Unsolicited Arthritis Pain Relief Cream sent to residents of a senior housing unit. Next, recipients receive billing threats each month $46.58. We have called the phone number listed 18007200099, but are unable to talk with an individual. We have contacted the US Postal Service regarding the mail fraud.

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