Jeremy – Aug 29, 2020

I was in RWB, referral wealth builders who Ken Phillips among others that is involved in this scam. I will report all names and etc to the FBI. All of you are a bunch of white collar criminals and you all will get caught. Gwen Nicholson, I hear you are Ken’s assistant. You’re going down too along with the other list of names. You all are wrong to use ppl good credit to get money and get new houses and etc. ppl beware of these criminals. You left all of us with bad credit for many years. Some ppl had to file bankruptcy.

Joshua – Oct 14, 2020

We (15-20 people) are in the same position as you. Please reach out us to come up with a plan as a group to pursue these criminals. Their bad deeds will not go unpunished. Please reach out to us [email protected]

Catherine – Oct 14, 2020


I have spent 20 years online, working with customers and have ZERO negative posts about my services, ANYWHERE. I am an honest, hard working, and good man with a family of 4 young children and a wife of 10 years. My only aim in life is to provide a living for my family, and doing it while helping others as much as possible…that’s the entire reason I started BeneShield Financial…

I am the owner of BeneShield Financial, LLC. Cari Scott came through our marketing services to work with Credex, she has been in touch with me every time she has asked for it, and she is now in touch with Credex’s attorneys. I was not involved in this in any way, shape, or form, and didn’t even know she sent money in to Credex until 2 months later, after the fact.

I am going to take the high road here, Cari…but this slander and defamation will stop and must come down. The attorney has asked you multiple times for wiring instructions, that you have YET to provide, so they can send back your $50,000…

I even negotiated with my client, Credex, to get them to pay her taxes and penalties for removing 50k from her 401k. This money, according to my client, was sent to them unsolicited before the paperwork was put together, but they agreed to pay for her taxes and penalties anyway…at LEAST an additional $20,000 that she will be paid because of MY HELP. I did this, because she said she didn’t think it would take so long, and I didn’t want her to lose money after her 90 day grace period was up.

I did this to be helpful, kind, and provide the great customer experience I’m used to giving my clients. This, what she’s done here, posting this about me, which is just a total fallacy, is absolutely abhorrent.

I have been nothing but kind to you, even as you hurt my good name and threaten my family. You should feel highly ashamed of yourself, because everything I have is documented and true, and you have nothing but lies and a gross misconception of I do for a living.

Their attorney is still waiting on your wiring instructions, Carolyn J. Scott.

You’ve done the exact thing here I asked you not to do…as I’ve spent YEARS building a clean reputation and valuable customer service for my clients. You have caused my family a ton of heartache, not to mention wasted time.


Cari, the only thing I will accept here is a FULL RETRACTION and a FULL EXPLANATORY APOLOGY.

Now I know how Judge Kavanaugh, and President Trump feel, to have people commit slander, libel, and defamation of character with false accusation and absolutely zero evidence.

These accusations against me and my company are lies, they are vicious, and they have nothing to do with me or my company BeneShield Financial, LLC. Anyone who says or thinks otherwise can ask us.

I am truly disgusted by this…never did I ever think I would see this day.

If any of my clients read this, I am sorry this person’s gross misrepresentation of the truth has affected your thoughts of me or my business in any way…I am truly hurt and disgusted by this…and this person will be dealt with accordingly. Feel free to contact me directly if you need to speak about any concerns.

I truly feel sorry for this person, to live in such fear, to believe such made up lies…Fear, we know, is not from the Lord, but has it’s origin in evil. God says 365 times in the bible, “Fear not”. Fear, is a work of the devil. He’s using this person to get at me, as I am doing, and will continue to do the work of the Lord, helping people financial in the name of Christ Jesus.

Cari Scott, even though you’ve hurt us, I’m truly working on a way to forgive you for hurting my family…

Juan –

Scammer’s phone 888-990-7779

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address 231 La Rue France, Lafayette, LA 70508

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Employment

Initial means of contact Email

Offered job with Credex thru Beneshield for PG Executive program. Consists of serving as fiduciary for corporations as assigned. As employee would be added to bank accounts, etc, credit and background checks were to be required. While waiting for these to be completed, I provided 50k personal monies to fund assigned corporation while Beneshield funding team finished funding process. Since this was 1099 position and I wouldn’t be paid until work began, I prefunded monies to my “assigned corporation” while Beneshield finished their funding rounds, with the agreement the funds would be held in Atty IOLTA trust account and would be returned within 30days
I wired funds to trust account myself – 4 months later and unable to get response from attorney Craig Beling, CEO Jeff Sokol of Beneshield, Hiring Manager Ken Phillips, nor Gwen Nicholson VP of Operations. Took my 50k and ran. Reported to CFPB, Atty General in each appropriate state, Ie3 and Bar Associations. Beware, there is no job and not a conscious among the group. Feel free to contact, I also have info of other employees who’ve provided 10k+ each and not received a penny in return nor a paycheck – nothing more than elaborate scam to steal

Steven –

Hi, I’m assuming you are Carolyn Scott as I have seen you posted multiple reports on Beneshield Financial, Credex, Craig Beiling (attorney), Gwen Nicholson, Ken Phillips, and more. We are currently in the same position as you and were scammed by these people. These criminals are scamming over 20 people already and they are destroying lives. Can you please allow us to talk to you to gather as much information before reporting them to multiple government authorities? They scammed us into employment and obtained personal loans to use that money to invest with promises (contract) with good ROI and monthly payments.

I’m sure you understand the feelings we are going through at the moment. Any information would be helpful to build a case against these criminals. We can be reached at [email protected]

Thank you

Roger –

Another thing is that instead of sending money (gift cards) like I did, I am going to try to learn as much as I can about the people and the company.

I think it’s okay to establish confidence and control. Tell them you’ll meet them in person (don’t do this unless your really sure about them). If they want your money now, tell them to stop acting emotional and say that’s not a trait of a good company. Have them sit and wait.

I’m not trying to put down anyone, I just never knew how Machiavellian the world is.

Natalie –

I’m sorry this happened to you. I got scammed too, for $1000 through an imposter at I guess in order to get a real job now a days, we have to write a snail mail to a company that we’re interested in and build rapport that way.

I looked at BeneShield Financial and their URL doesn’t have a “https://”, but says it’s unsecured.

Abigail –

Scammer’s phone 888-990-7779

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address 231 La Rue France, Lafayette, LA 70508

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Employment

Initial means of contact Email

Beneshield claims to hire PG Executives for Credex. Ken Phillips runs Credex with Gwen Nicholson, both of whom operate under the name of Beneshield as well, but Jeff Sokol of Beneshield will later tell you these people only only work for Credex. The job is to be a fiduciary executive for a company they assign you (you will never see any proof, never talk to anyone). You are are oversee their finances, you must submit your credit, finances, SSN, etc to be approved. You pay for this every month, while waiting for their HR dept to finish the process so you can get to work and start making your agreed upon paycheck. To get started sooner, you can send in *your own cash* to their attorney’s IOLTA trust held account, to prefund your assigned company while waiting for Benesheild to finish with the funding process (not to take more than 30days and in meantime, you start getting paid as salary as agreed). Fast forward MANY months later…your money is gone and they’ll pass you off from one person to the next, its all smoke and mirrors. There will never be any assigned company, there is no funding, there’s nothing – They took your money and ran. 50k loss later just myself and many other employees who’ve lost 10K+ : This will catch up with them as we’re gathering info for all states involved and there are a # of ex-employees with pertinent information, but please don’t let yourself become a victim. If it seems too good to be true, IT IS

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