Cole – Sep 03, 2020

Placed and order three months ago. After 10 weeks I got the order but was not what I ordered but something different. I asked for mailing information to return those parts and get what I had ordered. So far, no answer. I emailed and asked for order to be cancel and asked for a refund, again, no answer. I am filing a complaint, no idea if it will help. They have had 13 complaints filed against them, and apparently, not have been resolve, so far.

Kari – Aug 17, 2020

Victim Location 80525

Total money lost $40

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was shopping for a product using the shopping tab on google. I assumed the website would be legit because it was being promoted very predominately on google. I paid for the product, no problem, and was told due to covid that shipping time would be a little then normal, about 2-6 weeks. I received a confirmation email on my purchase.

After 7 weeks I wrote an email to the email listed on the site inquiring about the order. Searching for their email made me suspicious because they didn’t have a phone number and their address was strange. I did receive a generic email back from them saying due to covid the shipping times were running longer than normal and to be patient. I wrote back asking for refund and have not received any communication back.

In doing some research of the company, I found their address on at least 4 other websites selling discounted products. (Clothing, house stuff, etc.). I also found a group of other people who said that they also didnt receive their products from this website, some had been waiting for as long as 6-8months with no product ordered or word from seller.

Please stop these people if it is a scam. There is enough hurt and misfortune in the world right now.

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