Darrell – Sep 02, 2020

Victim Location 23323

Total money lost $6,740

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking for a puppy for my daughter. She wants a Corgi. I checked for reputable breeders online and found a list. I had spoken and emailed a few of them who had no available puppies at the time. Raven Corgi Puppies website was among them. As I did with all the others, I sent a message. I received a text message regarding the available pups. I thought that I did everything right. I asked for a physical address so that I could see the home on Google Earth to verify that there was room for a kennel. He sent me an email with questions regarding fitness for care of the puppies, which I answered. I asked about the prices. He stated that his prices were low because he was expecting another litter soon. Sounds plausible, right? When I discovered he was several states away, I asked about shipping. He said that they had a company that they had been using for the last 5 years. I looked up the website and it seemed to be legit. I thought that I was being really careful, asking for bank information so that I could use my credit union for tracking. I got the name, address, and bank information. I questioned if there would be any more fees and was assured not.

After sending the $1700.00 by bank transfer, he packed the puppies up for transport and took them to the Agency for shipping. I get an email from the agency that they are shipping 1 puppy. After back and forth with the breeder "Daniel" (although the bank account was in the name of Erwin Spuce), I received an updated shipping email that there were 2 puppies crated. Then I get an email that the pups needed a thermal crate instead of a ventilated crate to keep them comfortable during shipping. The fee was $3000.00 for both pets (each had to have a separate crate because of Covid-19. I was sent an invoice for the money (yes, I am stupid), and used my Discover card to pay. I figured if I was being scammed, Discover would investigate (which they are currently doing). My updated email said that the puppies were enroute. They were supposed to reach me by 2230. At 0850, another email from the agency. They are in Nashville, and the puppies need vaccines for a city permit to transport. I argued that vaccines were up to date, called Daniel who said he would get vaccine papers to the agency. At this point, I am very angry.The puppies had a medical exam for fitness to fly in Austin. It should be good for the entire trip. Well, they could not leave Nashville and enter my city without this document. Now mind you, rabies vaccines are not given to 11 week old pups.

They, however, needed the others because somehow in the matter of a few hours, they had gone from 11 weeks old to "almost 12 weeks". I said that I was not giving them anymore money. They said they would have to take the dogs back to Texas. I asked for the physical address of the pups location in Nashville and said that I would drive to pick them up.I also told them that I would contact a vet in Nashville to see the pups and decide what was needed. They refused to give me an address stating that the agency was contracted to deliver them to my address. I hung up, an invoice was sent via email for $2040.00, which was clicked as paid. (evidently they had kept my Discover info). I called back and said, okay, now you have the money, where are my pups. I was told, there are no more flights out of Nashville tonight, and the next available flight was on Friday September 5th. (I know I am a slow learner, but they actually thought I was stupid also). I said that if they did not have the pups on a flight in the morning that I was canceling credit card transactions and reporting them to the authorities. Now mind you, during this time it is back and for with the agency and the breeder. Neither of them spoke English as a first language. When they got frustrated with me, I could barely understand them. So fast forward this morning, they are still trying to convince me that the pups will be delivered on Friday, and for me just to be patient. I spoke with my bank this morning and they are going to request the money from the transfer. The breeder has texted me and called me several times this morning stating that it is the agency’s fault and not his and that he is not a scammer and will refund me my money. I told him that he had until before the bank closed today, or he would be reported to the FBI (I am doing it anyway). He said that I stressed him out more than any other customer. he actually said…I have your address and I will come to your house to see if you will tell me the same thing to my face. I said, please come to my house. My husband would love to have a face to face with you. (My husband is a hunter…need I say more?). So, hopefully these people are caught and punished.

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