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Glenn – Oct 07, 2020

Most binary options account managers trick people into loosing their money.They take advantage of one’s naivety and commit fraud.However, will help you recover all your funds if you have been scammed by an account manager.

Tracy –

Victim Location 60616

Total money lost $1,000

Type of a scam Other

Good evening,

I have been trading with a broker named Mack wilford. I was told that after i invested $500 dollars I would be receiving $7500. It was told to me that I will receive the money after i paid 10% of the earnings to this company! I have a screenshot of his facebook post that never mentioned that at all! I have sent about $1000 to my broker for 24option in all regards to my trading. Mack never told me i have to pay the 10% before the withdrawal so i caught him in a lie. I have seen signs of a possible scam taking place. I have been scammed before, and I believe this is another unfortunate scam that took place. I paid my 10%. I have taken responsibility for this because I should have known this was too good to be true. I have caught people in scams but this was just too far. I was told I will get the $7500 by today and I don’t have the money. I was forced to file a scam complaint against him and 24option. 24option told him i have to pay an additional $500 to get my money withdrawn and i believed that’s [censored]ing ridiculous. I have attachments of Mack’s new profile so you all can know who im trading with. I am also attaching his whatsap number which is 9292545305. My broker also says he is too "busy" to call me and talk on the phone, which that was a big sign right there. He asked me about upgrading to a bonus so i can make more money when i told him he can just give me the $2800 but he didn’t. I threatened them about paying me my money for $7500 by friday or i would get the fbi and scam investigation team involved against their company. Please get back to me when you can. After i get my $7500 I will tell him to erase all of my information and forget this ever happened. I’m also going to dispute all these transaction amounts that i have sent to this company.

Please help me as I feel I have been scammed by this company.

I also have screenshots of everything i can send to your email if you want so this broker and this company can be investigated. Soon I’m contacting my bank to dispute the $1000 that i sent to them

Kenneth I Davis

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