Bitsy Toy Teacup Puppies

Tony – Jan 18, 2021

I was scammed by the puppy website “” and pet delivery service “”, probably the same person/group. I paid $800 for the puppy and was referred to a pet shipping/delivery service and told to submit photos of the front and back of my driver’s license. I did so. I was told I had to pay a refundable fee of $1,380 for a temperature-controlled crate to ship the puppy in and I naïvely completely the transaction, moved emotionally by their description of my puppy’s frailty. They then asked for another $1,050 in life insurance that they wouldn’t be able to ship the puppy without. They said I had to pay within the hour as they had booked my puppy on the last flight. I reported them for fraud. The emotional appeal is what added to the feeling of sincerity that pulled me to make the bad purchase, as they continually used my interest in the puppy’s well-being and safety to their advantage.

Names used: Liu Kecheng

Names used: Lela Kecheng

Christie – Aug 05, 2020

Scammer’s phone 720-282-1367

Scammer’s website [email protected]

Scammer’s address 5089 West Prentice Court Denver ,Co 80123

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

I purchased a puppy from this website: [email protected] The puppy was $700.00 so I sent the money through Zelle. I then got the AKC paper that was I now know not real and the guy Andrew Messier said things were good and he was going to let me know when the puppy was on it’s way. He told me the name of the delivery company which is petstimedelivery and a tracking number. I then got a e-mail stating that the puppy needed a crate so I sent 2.700.00 for that through Zelle. After that they came up with the puppy needed health insurance and shots and asked for more money I then started to think that this was a scam but the guy Jaden Conway said your payments are refundable and you will get it at the door when ur puppies is delivered. He then said the puppy was in quarantine and needed more money which I did not send because he was getting upset when I was asking him question. I then got a e-mail from abandonment of the general pet police pet rescue team saying I will get fined or go to jail. The next day they continued to text an call to tell me they had good news that I did not have to pay the money and my puppy will be at my house at a certain time. I still have not got the puppy and I still got a text saying if I sent $800.00 I can have the puppy. I then told them to keep their great news and return my money which I know was not going to happen. So please DO NOT BUY A PUPPY FROM THIS SITE IT IS A HUGE SCAM.
Names involved
Andrew Messier (breeder) # 720-282-1367
Jaden Conway( manager from pets time delivery ) #719-772-9207

Shawn – Aug 07, 2020

I was asked to pay some few fees as well but they finally delivered my puppy to me and gave my money back . I was really scared and almost lost my mind at first with the fee they asked

Hilary – Jul 24, 2020

I also ordered a puppy from them and they asked me to pay for the crate . After paying that they delivered my lovely puppy 😍. At first I thought it was all a lie but it turns out to be true

Miranda – Nov 11, 2020

Hi William, I was asked to provide the funds today using CashApp with this company. Please let me know your experience because their company came up fraud.

Nicole – Aug 02, 2020

Can you please tell me how the process went on your end? I think we got scammed by this company called bitsy toy teacup puppies for $700. Thanks, Karen Crivello

Jenny – Jul 14, 2020

Victim Location 98112

Total money lost $700

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased a puppy through this website: I was in contact with Maureen Werner, and we were emailing through [email protected] Her phone number was supposed to be 720 446 8592 and her address 5089 West Prentice Court Denver, CO 80123. I transfered her $700 USD and she asked me for a photo of my drivers license so that the delivery service could confirm my identity. She emailed me when she supposedly delivered the puppy at the shipping company named “Pets Time Delivery” ( and told me there had been a problem and the puppy needed a special F1-crate. Here is where I got suspicious. The crate in question was either 2450.00 USD or 1680.00 USD. The amount was “refundable” when the puppy was delivered to my home. That is when I went online and found that this is a specific scamming tactic and I am now receiving emails and phone calls accusing me of committing a crime: abandoning the puppy.

Here is all the info that I collected from the scammers.


– Maureen Werner

– Lukas Deezy

– John Henderson


[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Phone Numbers:

– 720 446 8592

– 913 662 3067

Address listed on Bitsy Toy Teacup Puppies website:

5089 West Prentice Court Denver, CO 80123

Shipping Company:

Pets Time Delivery

Phone: 719 772 9207

Address: 15301 N Dallas Pky, Prestonwood, Addison, TX 75001

Email: [email protected]

Barry – Aug 05, 2020

I hope you did a so they can get shut down.

Morgan – Jul 24, 2020

I was asked to pay that yesterday. And I got my puppy and my money back today after paying them yesterday

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