Joanna – Oct 05, 2020

I purchased three units for a total of $213. I did my due diligence, or at least I thought so. I looked up consumer reports and reviews. They all looked good. Now searching deeper, I find a treasure trove of extremely bad reviews and scam reports.

Unlike a lot of other people, the units were delivered, they did turn on, air did blow out. That’s about all they did. Absolutely zero cooling. They said no hassle returns within 30 days. They shipped it to me for $10.99. You have to return them to New Jersey which is all the way across United States. Instead of around $11, to return them would be a minimum of $40 with no guarantee of a refund. I cannot get them to answer my question as to whether they will refund my money. I don’t want to lose more money with this company Do not purchase these. It is a scam!

Bruce – Jul 29, 2020

Victim Location 91501

Total money lost $102

Type of a scam Online Purchase

We went and were led to When you get to the site it claims you qualify for a special discount plus free shipping if you order one.. Once you order your price drops from $99.98 to $89.98 and then they add $10 shipping at checkout. This does not include the $2 international fee charged by my bank. Its listed as a Blaux trademarked portable AC. We never got a confirmation of our order. So, we tried to call, email, and IM. When you call a British sounding recording comes on and immediately states that agents cannot be reached by phone and deliveries are delayed due to COVID-19. It actually says do not call us. It takes you through a bogus phone tree and has you complete a survey when you have not talked to anyone. Then it hangs you up. When we finally talked with someone they stated they could not confirm me or my order in the system. Then they requested a billing statement or confirmation number which I was never given. I sent 15 emails that were answered with automated responses that did not address my concerns. My questions were answered with questions. I kept trying. I asked them where it will be sent from. They said California. When I got a USPS tracking number it showed a label was printed in Compton CA. The tracking showed that it came from China then to Hong Kong and then LAX to Rosemead CA. When it arrived 17 days later, with no packing slip, it was much smaller in person than it looked on line and it was a different product entirely. More like a swamp cooler. There was no Blaux trademark on the device at all. It stopped working within 1 hour of use and the booklet said it should work for 8 hours out of the box. The unit is not really portable because the water tank is not secure. Its supposed to cool a room by blowing 8 ft of cool air and in reality it doesn’t blow a foot of cold air. It was supposed to come with filters and it does not. It was supposed to come with replaceable curtains, it did not. It supposed to act as a humidifier, and it does not. Wanted to return the item and there is no viable return address or process. Just a mysterious PO Box. On 7/29/20 at 2AM they responded to my refund request by stating I can keep the product and they will refund me $45 or for a full refund I would have to spend $35 on shipping to get it back to them in the original packaging and "untampered" condition. If it passes their quality check then we get our refund, So much for the money back guarantee. Stay away from this company!

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