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Nicolas – Sep 27, 2020

I’m sick of this damn messages so I went a step further and sent an email to this so called ([email protected]). I’ve sent the screen shots and I also added the name of the sweepstakes promoter which was ( Blue Gem Media 2020). This isn’t nothing but a [censored]ing nuance to everybody that are recieving these text on a daily basis. I also stated that if it is real then I’ll be expecting that phone I supposedly won or if it’s a scam then they need to do something about it because if not I’ll get a lawyer involved cause this is bull[censored] my friends

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Jill – Oct 19, 2020

What happened? I did the same. It’s literally daily. My now, I’ve won enough tvs, iphones and MacBook Pros for my entire family. I know not to pay the “agreement,” as ill be charged anywhere from $16-69, With in the 1st 6 days and another 30 days after that.If anyone is unaware do not enter your credit card! Email instead. I don’t know how why or where I got these messages from… but they won’t stop. I’ve reached out to the sponsor, and nothing…

Theresa – Sep 20, 2020

Same as the rest of y’all, I got the same message but the message I got was, Apple & LG (PHONE MANUFACTURER) are merging into one cooperation and if I answer a brief survey, this will entitle me to a new IPHONE 11 PRO for free. As y’all did, I too went to read terms agreement. It’s exactly what I expected,”A SCAM”! I also googled info on Apple and LG merging together. LOL,WHAT A BS STORY SOME PEOPLE THINK THAT IN GENERAL, WE FALL PRAY TO BEING A VICTIM. NO SIR NOT ME! I’m glad I’m here sharing my experience with other’s trying to be scammed from these jerks!

Kyle – Sep 18, 2020

I got the message for the Iphone11 did you get it too ? (Only 4 left in stock) ahhahaahahahaa nice try

Crystal – Sep 18, 2020

As soon as you think to yourself “this is too good to be true” it’s because IT IS ! lol I’m not going to lie I’m always so tempted to fall for these scams so I clicked on terms nd read more into it that’s how I saw its by Blue Gem Media, looked it up and came across this.. Thankfully..
Don’t fall for scams like this.
Better safe than sorry trust me.

Lindsay – Sep 08, 2020

i got at least 15 + messages from them one morning. within a half hr I had already won half dozen iphone 11’s and at leaqst a dozen iphone 12’s . they sent me a page that looked like a fedex page with a tracking number…lol.. the tracking number for each phone that morning was exactly the same. the tracking number being: IPHN-9402-PRO11. it says, “iphone-9402-pro11…lol…what a coincidence…im going to track these fools down . the last 3 i tracked originated out of nigeria.

Randy – Aug 27, 2020

they keep sending me text saying amazon is giving me tv if I tahe a survey about UPS

Mallory – Aug 26, 2020

I received 5 notifications in 5 days. I won all 5 times regardless of the info I put in. It said I only pay $2.00 for a Samsung QLED Smart 8k AND TV. It wanted name and email address so I made up a stupid name and even more stupid email address. After making up a false home address, city and state it wanted CC info. THEN a screen saying today’s charge is only $19.99. I clicked on “terms” and it says no purchase or payment is necessary. The best part is the date of context is 8-1-2020 to 9-30-2020. A random drawing will be held 8-3-2020. That’s before the end of contest. It then states entries must be received by 7-30-2020. That date is before the contest even started! What happened to the Samsung TV I won? Why do you want $19.99. The TV is supposed to be free. No shipping or taxes required. THIS WHOLE THING SMELLS LIKE [censored]. IT IS A SCAM AND BLUE GEM MEDIA IS TRYING TO STEAL YOUR MONEY. IT’S NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BEING LEGIT.

Jill – Jul 27, 2020

Victim Location 97448

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes


One (1) grand prize winner (“Grand Prize Winner”) will receive one iPhone 11 from the Sponsor (the “Grand Prize”). The Sponsor and Sweepstakes Providers are not responsible for any additional charges, costs or fees, INCLUDING but not limited to, data charges, roaming charges, service fees, billing fees, and late charges, Incurred by the Grand Prize Winner. Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received and are equal regardless of method of entry. The Grand Prize is subject to certain restrictions and qualifications of the Sweepstakes Providers. Except where otherwise expressly noted in these Official Rules, the selection of all vendors, prizes, products and services is subject to the Sweepstakes Providers’ sole and absolute discretion. The Grand Prize (and/or any portion thereof) is nontransferable and non-exchangeable. No substitutions or cash redemption of Grand Prize is permitted. Sponsor reserves the right to substitute a prize of equal or greater value. Additional restrictions may apply. (Total Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”) of Grand Prize: $749.00).

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