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Candace – Sep 16, 2020

I was contacted by Ms. Mancini about a work from home opportunity. I did a phone interview and was hired. I received a letter of employment email from the company. Afterwards I received my first training assignment. The assignment was to research real estate properties and prices in my area or state. I completed the training assignment. Later that week I was expecting a follow up on how I did on the assignment or how I will use it later in the future after my training but nothing. I got my second training assignment which was to cash or deposit a check from one of their “clients.” I stopped answering their calls or texts hoping they’d just leave me alone but they didn’t. I responded to Ms. Mancini that I that I didn’t believe the company was real or that she worked for the company. Since I can not find “Boscolo Group” it’s Boscolo Collection online. Also Cosimo Tortola doesn’t seem to be associated with the company either. After I expressed my concerns Ms. Mancini said I would be penalized and would be sued by them for not completing the task and losing money. I asked to speak or make contact with her supervisor or a Human Resources department but she refused. Her email is also not associated with Boscolo Group. She emailed me from two different emails.

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Maurice – Sep 15, 2020

Victim Location 70578

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Initial means of contact Not applicable

This business sent a check from our business with all our correct information and the owners signature. They wanted them to cash it and then send a portion back to them for a job. Thanks to the lady who called to verify that this was really our check. Look careful at your bank statement for any checks not yours.

Patrick – Sep 09, 2020

Hi, guys! Yeah I was able to complete the training process! Everything went smoothly!
Adrianna is always in touch with me and assists me when I need it. I do not see anything illegal there..
The task with payment was not very difficult at all, it’s chance to take some extra money! I am ready to continue this job process

Dawn – Sep 09, 2020

I also received the same “training” opportunity from the “Boscolo Group” including the dexact same second “assignment”, word for work except for the amount of the check and the company from which it was allegedly issued. Is this legitimate, or is it one of those financial scams? I am very sceptical about this situation.

Brooke – Sep 29, 2020

It’s a scam I owe the bank 2000 dollars now because of this [censored]

Kristine – Sep 09, 2020

What scam it can be? There is nothing illegitimate at all!

Dale – Sep 09, 2020

It’s very interesting. I’ve been working with Boscolo Group aproximately two months and I’m excited. In several days my training period comes to the end and I’ll start working with clients directly. All assignments and instructions are provided on due time. I can work at my convenient time, that’s a big deal for me as I have my primary job. I’m really grateful for the opportunity to gain new experience and additional earinings for my family. I wish your company prosperity and big income.

Naomi – Sep 29, 2020


Robyn – Sep 09, 2020

This letter is to the administration of

On behalf of CEO of Boscolo Group, I ask the administration of to delete this report and reviews for impropriety and the try to slander the reputation of our company. Some of our employees contacted us today with this information.
We have always had a good reputation and many regular customers from all over the world. We would not want these reviews to influence the development of our company and relations with future clients.

We hope for your fairness and understanding!

With regards,
Cosimo Tortora
Boscolo Group

Olivia – Sep 09, 2020

Fully agree. Thank you for the great opportunity to work with your Company

Scott – Sep 08, 2020

I have been working for the Boscolo Group over a month. Very happy with the training and with the work in general, this is exactly what I was looking for. None of the tasks involved anything illegal and do not have any problems with geting the salary. The position I hold is completely in line with the description that was provided. If you have a chance to work with this company, I would highly recommend using it, as I am sure you will enjoy it.

Abigail – Sep 04, 2020

I received the first assigment from them, it was getting some market information, the next assignment was this:

Dear E****,

I am forwarding you the information about your next assignment and the information about your first client!

At first, you will be helping me work with our already existing customers for you to gain more knowledge and be able to negotiate and conclude deals in the future yourself. We have already the customer with whom we have been negotiating for the last few weeks, and now it is time to move forward to the most important part which is getting paid by the customer for further providing them the services they paid for. All in all, it is called a closure, and now you have a perfect chance to close your first deal, earn your first commission and prove to the company your reliability!

As per the Agreement terms with our clients, they are entitled to choose one of the following payment methods: via wire transfers, by check or a money transfer via P2P systems if there is a need to send money to our European branches. But our company can receive directly only several types of payments – wire transfers and money transfers via P2P systems. Our clients have also the right to make payment by check, and since US checks cannot be cashed overseas as expediently as it can be done in the USA, plus due to the fact that the network of our American banking subsidiaries is undeveloped yet and currently our US-European banking system is just being adjusted to work properly, we need this kind of assistance from our US representatives on an irregular basis. First of all, it helps to cater our customers’ needs in a most timely manner, and additionally our managers can have their commission and the whole company can have income in general. So initially, as part of your work duties, you will be assisting us with processing advance payments from our clients. Therefore, please take your time to read it carefully because it contains the step-by-step instructions and you, as the new employee, have the chance to demonstrate your diligence and productivity which will greatly aid your career in our company.

THE FIRST STAGE (the process of getting the payment):
1. Our customer receives an invoice for services they previously ordered in the form approved by our company, they negotiate the amount of the first payment;
2. From our part we are appointing you, as the responsible employee, to support this assignment and further customer’s payment processing;
3. Our client sends the payment and the copy of the invoice by mail through USPS to your home address, pre-paying for postage. The delivery takes 1-3 business days if there are no unintended delays (bad weather conditions, troubles in the USPS distribution centers, etc.)

Please see below full information about our customer who will send you the payment:

The check will be from: PAR*************
The sum on it: $1990.36

THE SECOND STAGE (the process of handling the payment):
1. As soon as you get the payment by check you should cash it. It is worth noting that based on our practice, Walmart or Check Cashing Desks do not always cash personal checks and out of state checks, and most importantly these institutions have been manifoldly accused of misuse of personal banking information the access to which they are given when they cash checks. Which is why we recommend you to process the payment at your or customer’s bank. You can also deposit the check if your bank does not allow you to cash the payment in 1 business day, this procedure usually takes up to 48 hours.
2. You take your commission as per terms of your salary-plus-commission remuneration system.
3. Once the check is fully cashed, you should send me a notice of funds availability. Then I will prepare further instructions (how and where to send the funds to) in accordance with the recommendations of our financial department. (Note: further instructions always depend on our financial department, client’s order and destination). Please don’t worry I’ll send you DETAILED instructions. At this point, it is highly important to transfer the funds and officially seal the deal within 2 days since the money is available to you.
4. Once you receive the instructions, you should follow them and complete the assignment as soon as possible and send the report to me. All transaction fees are paid from the amount received.

This concludes the overview of your second assignment. Please, confirm you have read and understood these guidelines. We greatly appreciate your fast and timely performance in financial services and hope you will complete the assignment faultlessly, since the customer we are giving you is quite a big and reputable American enterpreneur, so if we close this deal, there is high chance they might become our investors which will be extremely good for the company and you will be awarded a decent incentive for that! This process is time-tested, so no problems should occur if you strictly follow the instructions.

NB: Don’t forget to send the copy of the received documents (it’s for the report for our Financial Department). Thank you in advance.

Personnel Manager
Adriana *************
tel: (937) ********
Boscolo Group

I’m guessing is the check scam, they try to get you to cash the check, and send them the money, and then it turns out the check is not good and you’re left to pay the difference.

David – Sep 08, 2020

I wonder why you guys always report every single company for anything you don’t like or don’t understand? Isn’t there a way you can educate yourself on the subject first and they try to ruin someone’s reputation? I mean no offense, but your silly head spit this message and forgot about it while other people see and and like you make judgements without even digging into it.

I’m guessing you are great at judging others so why even ask here? Go ahead and simply accuse everyone around you for everything you are too dumb to understand.

Summer – Sep 02, 2020

Victim Location 31302

Type of a scam Employment

Please verify that follow company Boscolo Group is in the US and the form to start employment is not a scam.

I have not applied to this job though the offer is becoming more realistic each day I do not respond. Since I am unemployed in GA, I need to record the job offer but I can not confirm this company exists in the USA.

What happened: 8/18/2020 – I applied for a job in Bluffton, SC via a job offer at Linked In. The link took me to the company and I completed the application for the job. But to get to the website I had to go through two extra websites: and I will be more throughout next before clicking the link. I am concerned because these websites do not work like LinkedIn or Indeed.

One week later, 8/25/2020, I got an email from Adriana ******* at Boscolo INC. They informed me of a possible position and asked if I could interview for the job. I gave them a time without realizing that they posted my home city as Bluffton, SC which is no my resident city.

8/26/2020: No one called me at the appointed time. So I looked at the emails and noticed the return address different from the received address. At that point I stopped all communicated. A report about the emails was filed with the FC, I can provide information in needed.

8/27/2020: The following day I received an email for a work with TheSpaceCompany, Mojave, CA, doing Composite Design work.

The Structure Company, Ravi Singh, Parts Fabrication-Composite Technician Job. (1-469-343-*****

This is clearly the wrong state and I am not qualified for Composite design. This may be a real link but I did respond because of some remarks online about the 1-469-343-10XX number.

8/31/2020 Adriana ******* at Boscolo Group called me. Now the emails were more descriptive. One of them included a link to a Google Form but no Company Website.

Email signature:

HR Manager

Adriana *******

tel: 478-219-**** *oscolo Group

I can not find the company, the person or any job description with LinkedIn. There are other company’s with Boscolo listed but nothing with Boscolo Group. They have my First Name, Last Name, Cell phone and personal email.

Gregory – Sep 08, 2020

i am wondering the same thing. i have received a employment verification letter and talked to that lady…makes me wonder now…it sounds to good to be true

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