Dave’s Welsh Corgi Puppies

Brendan – Sep 24, 2020

My daughter and I were looking for a corgi puppies until we found this website. It looked legit. They asked por $250.00 deposit via cashapp, I used Zelle and sent the money. He never mention the delivery fee until Mike (transporter) called and sent a contract with a $1000 fee refundable. When I reached Dave complaining about It, he told me that it was so much money so he will pay half $500 and I’ll pay $500. I didn’t trust so I said I will not pay 1 more dollar and that I don’t want the puppy and my $250 back. Of course was a scammer and never replied.

Trevor – Aug 23, 2020

Victim Location: 27707
Total money lost: $650
Type of Scam: Online Purchase

I contacted them to buy a corgi puppy after their website looked super legit. They were super communicative initially, offering to arrange a pickup at the airport of my choosing. I paid him the initial deposit on cashapp (this should have been an instant red flag but I ignored it) to hold the dog until August. Then, when I was ready for the dog, I paid the rest of the cost. I texted him today (the day before the dog was allegedly supposed to arrive), and I got no response despite multiple attempts to contact him which made me nervous. I then googled his number and discovered the whole elaborate scheme. this guy is a [censored]ing [censored] and needs to be caught. I just feel like an [censored] for falling in love with corgi pictures and being blindsided. [censored] him.

Ronald – Jul 25, 2020

This guy is a total scam, taking advantage of people looking for puppies. Sent him a $250 deposit and he gave an address to meet him. Drove 4 hours to pick up the puppy and he never showed up or answered phone calls. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!

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Darryl – Jul 25, 2020

We put a $500 deposit down to choose between two Corgi puppies and drove 3 hours to Fresno to meet and pick our puppy. We arrived to a shopping center and texted the “breeder” and they said they would arrive in 15 minutes. An hour later we texted and nothing, called, nothing, repeat. 2.5 hours later we found information on this site and knew we’d been scammed. These people are horrible and preying on people who want dogs during COVID and are hard to find. They need to be caught. I’ve reported them to the Fresno police and FBI. The phone number is (559)245-8959 and the website is https://daveswelshcorgipuppies.com.

Brent – Sep 24, 2020

Hello, I was a victim of this scammer as well, how can I make a report to the Fresno police and the FBI?
Thank you.-

Keri – Jul 25, 2020

Victim Location 78750

Total money lost $650

Type of a scam Online Purchase

He claims to have puppies for sale and you have to pay first then he will send them to you. Then he claims he will need more money for the delivery. He then cuts off all contact with you. Scammer

Steven – Jul 20, 2020

we tried to buy a corgi puppy from Daveswelshcorgipuppies.com for $500 and a $150 shipping fee. after we purchased the puppy he said he dropped the dog off at the shipping company pac swift logistics. the worker from the shipping company (mike) emailed us saying that they needed a $920 payment before he could ship out the dog for travel insurance, health certificate, and micro chipping. after looking more into it we noticed the address for the shipping company was in the middle of a highway in austin and Dave’s address given was a women’s clothing store. afterwards we got in contact with mike asking about the status of our dog and he said he had no information because he was working from home. to prove that this was a scam we had another person with a different number asking dave to buy the same dog and he said he was still available.

Jacqueline – Jul 25, 2020

we just had this happen to us yesterday, I can’t believe it. did you report to the police or FBI at all? they need to be caught.

Roberto – Jul 16, 2020

Victim Location 76039

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

This was a puppy scam. They were working with Pac Swift logistics who was offering fake insurance. There was a deposit of $400 for 2 corgi puppies. I had a contract for my brother as well Joey Garcia. I paid via the cash app. Dave Rickson cash app ID was $*********** and the insurance partner in the scam was Mike Padson $*********

Rebecca – Jul 13, 2020

Victim Location 67219

Total money lost $1,650

Type of a scam Online Purchase

We contacted them to buy a corgi puppy. They said they were located in Fresno California and could fly the puppy out to us. They asked for our names and address which we gave. We paid $500 through Zelle through our Wells Fargo Account the first day (price of the puppy) then $150 the next day for transportation fees. We then got a contract to sign (included in the "what we received" section [edited to hide our personal information]). The third day we got an email from a separate company, the one shipping the puppy to us, asking for $1000 for insurance. We paid that and waited for the time that they said they would call us at, to let us know the puppy was on its way. We never got the call.

There were multiple numbers, people, and businesses involved in the scam.

People: Vincent Parker, "Mike", Njowo Alphonse, Dave Rickson

Emails: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Numbers are covered above.

Businesses: Dave’s Welsh Corgi Puppies, Pac Swift Logistics

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