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Rebecca – Jun 08, 2020

Victim Location 97304

Total money lost $750

Type of a scam Online Purchase

We used the web chat on to find out the purchase process and in the excitement of getting a Alaskan Malamute puppy, (Denali who is still listed on the web site) we lost our brains and "zelled" $750 to this email address: [email protected]

We received an email from [email protected] the day the dog was suppose to be transported to Oregon, stating we need to "rent" a special crate for another $500 and when I quested them and stated it felt like a scam they shut me down, below.

Transcript from online chat: "Welcome to our site, if you need help simply reply to this message, we are online and ready to help.



How can we help you?

I am very upset about the process I’m currently dealing with trying to receive Denali. My husband was just told we need to provide another $500 for the puppy to be transported when we were told the $750 I already paid on Saturday included shipping.

Please calm down madam. The $500 fee is to rent a crate in which your puppy will be transported into. And the money is refundable upon delivery

Why wasn’t this disclosed prior???? I don’t feel right about this… This should have been disclosed WAY before the LAST MINUTE.

Actually if you had read the email which was sent to your husband you’ll understand that the crate I took to the shipping agency for your puppy was disqualified and wasn’t safe for the puppy to be shipped in it. That is why the fee came up and you have to rent a crate

The money is refundable at the time of delivery so don’t worry okay

So I have to ask, why am I paying the rental and not you and since your crate was deemed not safe? You can be refunded upon safe delivery of our puppy?

Madam it’s your puppy not mind

It’s YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to have her shipped safely with the funds I already paid you

Sorry it’s your puppy so you have to pay for a better crate

This is your business, you should know what is safe and what isn’t. I feel like I am being scammed and I am NOT HAPPY. Who is going to guarantee I will be refunded the $500. How do I know this is legitimate??

Everything is 100% legit and your refund is 100% guarantee. I don’t have much to say. You already know what to do. I have to go now and attend to other clients. Have a great day"

I then called "the pet carrier service" they pretended to be ( who then verified my suspicions. I know I’m out the money I stupidly sent, but I want to shut them down so they do not do this to someone else! Another just like them is ""

Desiree – Nov 02, 2020

Thank you, you saved me $650 by reading this thank you so much

Roger – Jun 03, 2020

Victim Location 47346

Total money lost $650

Type of a scam Other

I was searching for a basset hound puppy. I spoke with a customer service representative online chat and they even called to answer some questions. I went to pay $650 for the puppy through zelle. I got a confirmation through email and text that stated the shipping details would be sent within 2 hours after finalizing the documents. I never received any more information. I did not get anyone to answer the live chat or the phone number again. So I lost all that money and broke my family’s heart that we no longer could afford a puppy.

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