Doggie Protective Services DPS Rescue

Alex – Oct 16, 2020

Terrible experience, I don’t believe they care that much about the animals. They proposed to me to adopt a 1 year old female dog advertising as a couch potato and as being on the shy side. Turns out the dog was completely traumatized and scared off ANYTHING (humans and unfamiliar dogs alike). The dog was in NO shape for adoption. They also failed to mention that she was on antibiotics because of Giardia until the night before the adoption (which got postponed) and they didn’t offer information once I got scared by suddenly learning of the infection. I still tried to adopt, failing to realize the situation. We worked for a month with a sweet foster volunteer but the situation never improved. Upon realizing, we agreed on having the foster volunteer take the dog back, and I was told that given the extraorinary situation, they would have allowed me to adopt another dog at no cost. Too bad that, in my immense arrogance, I initially asked to consider a full refund (not permitted by their over engineered, hyper protective contract they have adopters sign), given the awful experience from the beginning. This warranted them immediately reverting any (alleged) intention to help me and ghosting me for more than a week. Upon politely insisting, Tera McCurry, the owner, replied telling me that basically I was awful to the foster when they came picking the dog up (I was barely holding my tears, and in an extreme emotional distress), ignoring the elephant in the room concerning the attempt at giving out a dog that WAS (and still is at the time of this writing) in no condition to be adopted. Would you believe that not even 8 hours after the dog got picked up, they had already put the dog up for adoption on their website? They still managed to fail to mention the mental conditions of the dog.
Regretfully I also had personal encounters with other people (adopters AND fosters alike) blatantly wronged by DPS (for instance, a foster receiving multiple puppies from DPS without knowing that they had an active Giardia infection, and this foster has multiple dogs on his own. Needless to say they lost a foster on that day).
I’m actually also interested in the reasons they charge so much for rescue dogs, while the other rescues in the territory (even when they have physical kennels and paid personnel!) ask often half of that (DPS’ range is $400-$800 as per website, but the average is far from being in the center of the range).
I’ve had multiple rescue dogs in my life and I’ve never seen anything like this, both in terms of how traumatized and shut down the dog was, as well as being treated in such a sloppy (at first) and unfair (later) way in my entire life.
Please, before adopting, DO YOUR RESEARCH, DPS is a retail rescue and they are taking advantage of their fosters, their clients but most importantly of the dogs they have under their control. PLEASE, look for information before committing to a dog adoption, as the naive as I am, I learned this lesson and for this I thank DPS rescue.

Bruce – Oct 01, 2020

DPS Rescue does not care for the well-being of the dogs. They are biased on who should adopt (“pay”) for the dog rather than the fosters who have bonded with them. They don’t mind re-homing the dogs as long as they get to keep as many fosters as possible so they can circulate ‘dog to paying adopters’. DPS Rescue is more of a cold corporation than an ANIMAL RESCUE.

Ashleigh – Sep 05, 2020

This organization is a scam, nothing about the adoption experience felt legitimate or good, the people seem to only care about money and not about the dogs. Please do not use them, do not give them money. What they’re charging isn’t even reported on their non-profit organization

Claire –

Victim Location 94303

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Online Purchase

2 families tried to adopt a pet after they saw posters on the internet. They went to a Weeknd adoption in Palo Alto in front of Pet Food Express Palo Alto.

They were asked to submit applications and said they will be called for a phone interview. The families never got a call. When they went to check on the pet they wanted, they were turned down saying the pet was adopted by another family.

Now family 2 went and asked for the same pet, for which they asked them to submit an application. The pet was there and was never adopted.

So when family 2 went and looked at their Yelp reviews (, they found out that they were a scam for-profit org cheating people.

They ask the people who adopt to pay $*** cash, don’t give any vaccination paperwork and many of the pets are sick, or aggressive. No tax receipts to people who adopt and when they return the pet, no refund.

Many people have been cheated ( you can read the Yelp reviews for details).

They don’t have a legitimate address or phone number on their website to call.

Any call to the number or email mentioned earlier goes unanswered.

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