Dylan – Nov 05, 2020

Scammer’s phone 1 800 736 1631

Scammer’s website eBudgetbee

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Not applicable

I don’t even know who or what they are, but they keep taking money out of my account. I just want them to stop, and I have no use for them. I have phoned, but I just get a bot, telling me to go to the web site, and I ended up here. I am on a fixed income, and it hurts.

Tyler – Oct 27, 2020

Don’t even know what this is or where it came from. And how to get rid of it . But they started with once a month and now it twice or 3 times a month.

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Bruce – Aug 26, 2020

This company keeps taking money out of my account. I dont know who they are and it was not authorized. This had been happening on regular basis.

Randall – Aug 17, 2020

Victim Location 25314

Total money lost $49.95

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Its an ad that says receive an iphone for $1.

Erin – Aug 09, 2020

I just looked up my credit card statement and saw that $49.50 was taken out of my card and i dont know how they got my number. Now i have to report a fraud file a claim and cancel my card and get another card

Justin – Aug 06, 2020

They are taking money from my checking account every month and cannot be located for cancellation. Can someone help me stop them? Think it started when I had an offer for a “free iPhone.” Truly, there is no free lunch! If anyone can help, please contact me!

Shane – Jun 27, 2020

Scammer’s phone None

Scammer’s website None

Scammer’s address None

Scammer’s email None

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Not applicable

No information given. Just took $69.95 out of my account. Started that I won iphone and needed to fill intel. Did not complete form

Haley – Jun 25, 2020

Ebudget took almost 15.00 from me for no reason

Levi – Jun 02, 2020

I noticed today that ebudgetbee.com, among a couple others had taken $4.95 out of my account? Tried calling their phone number and got a recorded message saying to go to website for help. Ha! All I saw was complaints. Same story. The other site, ARCADOODLE, took two payments of $49.95!
I called my bank and reported it, canceled my card and am going to the bank to fill out a formal complaint. At the least they won’t be able to compromise my account anymore.
How did they get my info, I’m very careful about my bank account? Thank you 🙏

Tina – May 27, 2020

I’m getting charged 4.95 a month for a company that doesnt exist?!? How do I cancel this and stop it? It has happened for 2 months now they kept sending me a text about a free iPhone 11 but I never tried to get one or signed up?

Margaret – May 26, 2020

I got scammed so far out of 55$ how do I stop this

Mitchell – May 24, 2020

Ebudget charged my account $4.95 as a recurring charge for electronics/software. What costs $4.95 in that category?!? Who knows how much they will charge me next month? I know that I don’t want to find out! So, now I have to stop payment and order a new debit card! THIS IS NOT FUNNY! THEY ARE SCAMMERS! DO NOT TRUST THIS FAKE COMPANY WITH YOUR MONEY! I want to see them put out of business! Give your review and get them stopped!

Noah – May 12, 2020


20210216101428 602b9b043d93a eBudgetbee

Rodney – May 04, 2020

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Not applicable

stop taking money out of my account. unsubscribe [censored]. you keep taking money and i dont even know who you are. you and etrackerbee are rip offs

Rebekah – May 04, 2020

Victim Location 29445

Total money lost $60

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Charges to my visa debit card for 19.95 Each month Feb12,March 18,April 22

Have no idea what this is and the number constantly says busy.

Thomas – May 01, 2020

They are taking money out of my account how do I get ot back?

Natalie – Apr 23, 2020

Taking $9.99 every month from my account how do I stop this

Natalie – Apr 21, 2020

Victim Location 72212

Type of a scam Identity Theft

There is a pending charge from an ebudgetbee.com for .01 cents in my account. It’s a pending charge so I assume there will be more taken out. There are other reports of this online.

Sheena – Apr 16, 2020

Who the HECK are these people…notice a $.01 charge on my acct and I have NO IDEA what this is about. Since the amount is so small, I’m afraid it will be MUCH LARGER in 24 hours or so. How can we stop these people? I haven’t used this account for any type of online shopping so I’m really not sure what this is all about. Who can I contact? Anyone know?

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Frank – Apr 16, 2020

I don’t know who this company is but while I was checking my balance online, I discovered a $.01 charge from them. God only know how much the ACTUAL charge will be. I do know I can account for all other transactions except this one. I wish there was an 800# to help figure this BS out

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