Employment Scam

Dawn – Sep 03, 2020

Victim Location 97005

Type of a scam Employment

They are trying to get you a job with their fake websites

Sierra – Aug 20, 2020

Victim Location 77020

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Employment

I had recieved a message from this person stating about a job position for ******** Home Builders. And that they were going to send me a check so that I send it back to the person that messaged about the job so they can send it to the vendor they use. But they needed my name to be on the money. So I recieved the check in the mail and deposit it into my account to start. And when I deposit it only $400 went into my account not the whole amount. Then I sent a cash app to $NovaKing5 which is the person that messaged me the $400 that was deposited into my account. Then the next day I had a negative amount in my bank account and the check was claimed as fraud. So then I messaged the person backing stating that I was having issues and once I said that I never received back a response and the number got blocked. So I didn’t get $400 back and I don’t have money to pay that back in my account. If you can please help I would really appreciate it. Thank you

Robin –

Victim Location 22406

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

Hilska Kabon responded to a tweet I had and offered me a job. He asked I DM him about a job offer. We messaged about said job but I was thrown off when I noticed that he was willing to pay of my credit card but needed me to buy gift cards for his crypto currency business transactions. It seemed to good to be true. So I declined and blocked him.

Yolanda –

Victim Location 99301

Type of a scam Employment

I have been getting these calls from an employment agency or medical employment agency, which they don’t say which agencies. They ask me if I can hear them okay. I do not answer the question. If I make a response it hangs up immediately. I get these calls daily and I have also been told by someone to dial 1 and I would be opted out of the phone calls. I’ve been told by a recording that I have been opted out not to receive the calls only to get the same recording from a different number.

Ricky –

Victim Location 75042

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I was contacted by email asking if I’d be available for an on-line job interview at 9 a.m. the next day on Google Hangouts. That was a first, but this is my first intensive job hunt in sixteen years, and much has changed. The name of the company was not mentioned then, only the job I’d applied for. I was unable to find a match for the job title in my records, but they admittedly were not very meticulous, and it was among the kinds of things I’d been applying for. The typo in it didn’t concern me overmuch, as I have run into legitimate first-liners who barely seemed to know what they were doing.

At the Google Hangouts interview, I was given the company name and some supposed background. The company really does exist in the U.S., but that one is *not* headquartered in Dubai, as I discovered later when checking into things a little further. A website exists for the one that supposedly is, but that one is barely sketched out and just a front, to make it look as though they really exist. I was told that offices would be opening in my town a couple of months from now, and that until then, if hired, I would be working from home. I then spent an hour answering pretty standard interview questions, at the end of which I was told I’d been impressive so far and my interviewer thought I’d be a perfect fit for the position. I was asked to stand by while she sent my responses to her superiors for review, and when she came back I was told I had the job. A data entry/administrative support job, at $25. I was asked for the name of my banking institution just so there wouldn’t be an issue with the company check.

I got all excited for about a minute and a half, then was told that funds for the software I would need to purchase would be sent to me by company check, after which I’d be referred to the vendor I was to use. Finally, my alarms went off. I am now in possession of a pretty good-looking check in the amount of $6,552.49, delivered by FedEx. The Bank name is from one location (in my state,) but the return address on the FedEx slip is somewhere else (different state.) I lied and reported that I had deposited the check, and was told I’d need to send them a picture of the deposit slip for their records. I said that I don’t have a way to do that, but that a friend might. I intend to see if I can get them to tell me the vendor’s name that I’m supposed to purchase the software from, but I suspect they’re going to blow me off without a pic of my deposit slip.

Monica –

Victim Location 38654

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received a job notification that was fraudulent. See the email thread below:

Hi Erika,

Below are the details of the check that will be delivered today to you via USPS which is for the purchase of gift items for the foster home and also to cover your weekly pay, you can go ahead and have it tracked on the USPS website so you are sure it delivered

Tracking Number:…………….9405501699320112747520


Once you get the check just go straight to the nearest ATM Machine/Your Bank account ASAP, and deposit it into your account,part of the funds would be immediately made available for withdrawal while the rest will be available next day. Make sure you notify me and let me know how much was made available after the deposit into your account. So once the rest of the funds is available, kindly inform me for further instructions.

I just contacted the foster home that will be receiving the gift items to furnish me with the list of items they require which I will relay to you in my next email.

Kindly let me know once you have received the check and deposited it ,plus email me a copy of the deposit slip. Email back ASAP to confirm you received this notification

Stay remain blessed.


Alexander –

Victim Location 31419

Type of a scam Employment

What appears to be a legitimate email is sent from Kroger Co. offering you a job as a secret shopper. The email is quite good and the senders email address seems legitimate as well. There’s a brief description of what your job would entail and the mention of the possible level of income to expect. There’s and imbedded link on this email that redirects you to an online form. You fill it out with some brief personal info, i.e. address, email, phone number, and you receive a text later confirming you have been selected and approved and your first assignment and payment check is will be mailed and is… literally mailed to you.

Carrie –

Victim Location 53511

Type of a scam Employment

On July 22, 2016, I started receiving text messages from a Ms. Clark from the phone number listed above stating that the text was in response to the resume I posted on www.justtechconnectjobs.com (which is not a site I have a resume posted on) for a Data Entry/Customer Service position (which I never applied for). She said that my resume has been selected for an IMMEDIATE interview and wanted me to do an interview via Google Hangout with a Mr. Stone. She was not at all accommodating when I told her that I would contact her when I could get to a computer.

When I finally did get to a computer, I texted her telling her that I was ready to do the interview, but I did not hear anything back from her until on July 23, I was in the middle of supper at a local restaurant that had WI-FI and got a notification that Mr. Stone sent me a Google Hangout IM to do the interview. He claimed to be the interview manager for Capitol Health LTD in Covington, GA. Ms. Clark stated to me in the text messages that it would be a video conversation, but when I chatted with Mr. Stone, it only ended up being just a IM chat.

He asked me these questions:

(@) What do you understand by the term "petty-cash" ?

(@) Are you currently employed/How long have you been looking for a job?

(@)  Are you seeking Full Time /Part Time?

(@)  Do you know how to make use of MS excel and what’s your typing speed ?

(@)  We have met several candidates, Why are you the one we should hire?

(@)  Do you have a Printer,Scanner and a Photocopier?

(@) What is your philosophy towards work?

(@) What is more important to you: the money or the work?

(@) If offered this position how would you like to be paid…Via Check Or Direct Deposit,Weekly or Bi-Weekly?

Upon completion of the "interview" he told me that he would have to send my answers to the company’s Board of Directors and get back to me in 30 minutes (on a Saturday at 7:00 pm, really?) When he returned, he gave me the news that I had obtained the job and promptly wanted my bank’s name, but I would not give it to him. So, I then later sent Mr. Stone an email asking to know more about his identity and requested a phone number so that I could speak to him by phone, but never received a response.

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