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Sandra – Oct 12, 2020

I was contacted by a lady named Linda Jackson on facebook regarding the binary trading options. Initially she asked me for the investment of 100$. She promised that she will make me a profit of 1000$ within one week. Then she created my account on her company portal named “Express Binary Traders”. My profit got to 7700$ after 7 days. Then she asked me to pay the withdrawal fees and get the profit in my bank account within 30 minutes. The withdrawal fees was 700$. Once I paid the amount via BTC she again asked for 300$ as crypto clearance certificate fees. I paid her the amount via BTC. Then she again brought up some tax reflection fees which was 150$. She also claimed that it is important as everyone in USA has to pay taxes. However, I refused to pay the amount as I sensed that this is not genuine. I told her I don’t have any more money to invest now and asked her to invest the amount on my behalf promising her to return her amount once I receive my profit in my bank account. She said she would be able to help by next month i.e. by 3rd September. Again i contacted her in September and she refused to help me and I had to pay the 150$ from my end. Even after paying the tax reflection fees, the company refused to release my profit giving a lame reason. They said that my trade was supposed to end last month so now I need to pay the void fee in order to get my profit. The fees was 100$. This time I refused to pay her at any cost. However she promised me that if this time any issue happens with my trade she will return half of my investment i.e. 675$ from her end. On this term I arranged the amount and gave to her. Then she started again to give lame excuses in the name of her company and she even refused from her own words and did not gave me half of my investment as promised. I am attaching her ID proof and her trading certificate which she showed me to prove herself as genuine. Please guys do not fall for such schemes. I have saved some more people from her who might have been her next targets. If anybody can help me with the recovery of my funds, I would be grateful forever.

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Elizabeth – Oct 07, 2020

Contact capitalrefunds,org to recover funds from binary options scam and other internet scams.

Cristina – Sep 18, 2020

My advice to anyone, stay away from these new Forex, Cryptocurrency and Binary option companies and to withdraw their funds fully after making your first profits. I have been scammed badly by several of these companies. But I’m glad today that I had all my money returned including all profits, thanks to an expert. You can reach me to relate for help if you’ve also lost money trading; Susiebell2009 {at} gmail, com

Jaclyn – Sep 08, 2020

Victim Location 33303

Total money lost $3,800

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

In December 2019, I was invited by a lady on Instagram (IG) under the name maria_susan1931 to trade binary options. She claimed she was an expert in bitcoin trading and was looking for clients.I am currently in The Bahamas and was looking for ways to invest some money I had saved up from several side jobs I did. She guided me through to a website, where I signed up.The initial investment was $200 and was told that the minimum investment for the website platform was $500 in bitcoin and an additional $50 for the bitcoin seller. The bitcoin sellers based were in South America and all transactions were done through MoneyGram and in bitcoin. Within minutes, I saw the $500 was applied to my bitcoin wallet on the website and immediately she began trading for me. Within 6 days, she had transferred $16,988 to my wallet. She had initially said she require 10% of my earnings for her commission. Then the website informed me that in order to withdraw funds, I must pay a withdrawal fee of $1570 in bitcoin. I was unable to come up with it up front until June so the website threatened via email that if payment was not made at a specific deadline, funds will be lost. How could it be if it’s my wallet and they have no access to it? In June I made payment then the website came back requesting a payment of $1020 for Manager’s fee. I was reassured on Friday September 4th 2020 that my withdrawal will be released immediately. The website has my bank info and even did a receipt back in June in the amount of $16,488. I had requested funds to be sent through MoneyGram in intervals but they suggested bank transfer. Now just this evening, Tuesday September 8th 2020, I received an email from expressbinary requesting Verification Fee of $780 along with a photo ID with my address due to my region. I felt there was no need to do so if you are doing a wire transfer. Now all of a sudden Maria is no longer harassing me via whatsapp about payment because I told her she needs to make sure that I get the earnings so she can get paid. There is too much fees involved and I have receipts and coresponding emails from expressbinary support. It’s like there was no full breakdown on the process and fees to pay. I hope this can be investigated and that some kind of resolve is met. Please help me and if funds can be reimbursed, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Fernando – May 11, 2020

I was trying to learn how to trade options and came accross a profile named ”rosywilliams68” on Instagram. The person claimed to be an expert in trading options and an account manager. Since I’ve heard there are people who invest that have account managers who trade on their behalf I was intrigued in finding out more. “Rosy” claimed to be able to trade on my behalf in exchange for 10 % profit. We exchanged contacts and started chatting via WhatsApp, ”Rosy” utilizes the phone number : 301-747-7463.

I noticed the grammatical errors and was doubting whether I was indeed talking an American lady named “Rosy” or a foreigner that was pretending to be a lady named “Rosy.” I was very weary that this whole thing may be a scam but In my head I told myself I would not spend more than $500 which was the investment I was willing to make.

I proceeded and sent $500 through bitcoin using coinbase I sent $300 and cashapp I sent $200 over to my “express binary” account which I created because “Rosy” advised that would be the account she would be trading from on my behalf. My account went from $500 initial investment to $6,427 on my account wallet from the trades “Rosy” did after 1 week.

I was curious to know how she was able to make such profits and she advised that they had special softwares and were able to detect signals and she could not disclose their methods. I didn’t push further, I advised I wanted to withdraw my funds she advised I should send an email to “[email protected]
I received an email within a few minutes advising that I needed to pay a COT(Cost of transfer) fee in order to withdraw my $6,427 from my account. I advised to “Rosy” that I only had $500 to invest and was not aware that there would be an additional $964 I would have to spend.

I advised to “Rosy” that if there’s a way for to remove the COT fee and then give me my balance then that would be fine. If not then there’s nothing else I can do, and that money will just have to stay there. “Rosy” said she would get back to me in regards to this. Honestly, this whole thing is a scam and am glad I did not spend no more than $500.

This is a lesson for anyone out there. Please be careful of people who have social media accounts and claim to be account managers that can trade for you. I have attached a few screenshots for proof.

Please before you invest into something do your research so you can have enough knowledge to be able to do it yourself. Currently, I’ve been educating myself on how to trade options by reading books and watching tutorial videos from other traders.

-Knowledge is wealth, the more you know the less you will fall into certain traps.

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Tamara – Aug 05, 2020

Do you have any picture of Rosy?

Katrina – Apr 11, 2020

Victim Location 54880

Total money lost $512

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

I Contacted this young lady to inquire about bitcoins and her current promotionon instagram after she requested to follow me ,Jasmin Wilson is the person that i conversated with and she walked me through the buying faze of buying bitcoins from,cashapp and to transfer them into a wallet on the website the she claims she works for or with will trading , i purchased 7.394,809 Million stats ,i then transferd them to the Website in question for her to start trading ,my inital investment of 512 dollars ,was turned into a profit of 11,000 dollars ,i had asked the broker ,to stop trading at that point of 5500,i sent the website a message telling them that i would like to stop trading and recive some of the profits ,their reply was no withdrawl until trading is complete ,i was contacted by miss wilson later hat day telling me that she had traded for me once again ,i informed her that i didnt really want to surpass that point and she said okay , that was at 7100 dollars ,me thinking it looks good and im tripling my investment ,that was wensday the 4/8/2020 the next evening i check the website and it shows 11000 dollars , i told her that i would like to receive the 5500 , if possable ,,i get no replay from her that day ,and when i asked the website the attacment is what they sent me ,i was not informed of this prosses in the begging nor was i informed of it throuhgt out the prosses ,i then asked then to return my inital investment or bitcoins again the sent me the invoice to pay an extra 770 dollars ,i have asked them to take their payment and send me the remainder to no avail and plenty on chat messages on whatsapp ,i get no profit or my inital investment returened ,the trader miss wilson said to pay them i was already not sure if it was a scam now im positive that it is ,i sent the a bitcoin wallet but nothing has been returned ,i contacted cashapp and my back as well ,please help me

Deborah – Aug 05, 2020

Victim Location 92704

Total money lost $20,000

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

I been scam with thousands of dollars in a promise of high profit

Meredith –

Who was the person you were dealing with? Can you share the name?

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