Leslie –

Victim Location 73072

Total money lost $46

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Fabletics.com is a total scam as far as I’m concerned. They target customers by offering what appears to be a great deal on the purchase of women’s workout clothing. You can purchase designer clothing that would regularly cost close to $100 for 1/2 price or less. What they don’t tell you, by making this purchase you have signed up for a recurring monthly "membership" that allows them to charge your credit card a monthly fee and send you clothing based on your "preferences" (how they know preferences based on one order, I’m not sure) but without prior approval. If you call to cancel the service you will speak with someone who will assure you the account has been closed and cancelled and any funds owed to you have been refunded. After waiting a reasonable amount of time for any refund to appear in my bank, call back and speak with someone else who blames the delay on my bank saying they must be holding the funds because the refund was issued. Call my bank and check on held funds. The bank explains that they deposit any refunds or deposits immediately as they are recieved. Call Fabletics back and speak to a third person, explain the situation, again I am assured the account is closed and the refund was issued. Again wait a reasonable amount of time for the refund to process and appear in my bank. Again, nothing appears in my bank account. Call Fabletics to discuss the refund again. Speak with a fourth person who attempts to tell me the same thing again. Spend 45 minutes on hold waiting for supervisor. Finally am told the refund was issued and I should see it in 10-14 days. Wait for allotted amount of time and still nothing. Finally giv up and contact bank to issue new payment card and cancel credit card order was placed with. At this point it has been well over a month of dealing with Fabletics.

Charlotte –

Victim Location 48146

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The scam is run by "Fabletics" (Fabletics.com). They are running an ad that says you get an outfit for $15. I just gave them my email address, name and zip code. There was no fine print or any indication of any additional charges. Then they sent me an email: all of a sudden the outfit is $25. Furthermore, the fine print at the bottom of the email says that I’ve been enrolled in a "VIP Club" and if I don’t buy monthly there’s a $50 charge! I tried all the ways to reach them: emails go unanswered, the chat room option doesn’t work because no one responds, and the phone number for customer service (which they say is the only way to cancel this "service") either has no one answering it or is perpetually busy so there’s no way to leave a message or speak to anyone. I’ve never had anything like this happen to me – can’t believe I got sucked into this scam.

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