Facebook 2015 sweepstakes

Catherine –

Victim Location 50134

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I was contacted by a fb friend asking if I had been contacted by a Evgenia Rukovishnikoff from FB, bcuz my name showed up on the list to win $150,000. This woman contacted me telling me that I had won and as soon as I made payment of $1000. to pay delivery fee, & taxes, & filled out an app with info such as name,address,dob,cell#,monthly income,email,hearing or deaf,occupation,gender,own or rent & cash or check so Fed Ex delivery could find me, they would deliver the money box with my winnings to me directly. I was told that I had to keep the winnings to myself until delivery was made for security reasons and home invasion protection. I told her I didnt have that kind of $$$ and only had maybe $100.00 to my name that I could send and she said couldnt I make it $200.00. When I asked her if she was reading any off my texts cuz I said that was all I had, she then said I could send that and she would help me with the rest which I could pay when I received the winnings. My husband wanted to know why they were only asking for $1000. for taxes cuz it would be alot more, her reply was that I hadnt told her how much I wanted and that would determun how much we paid. So I could go as high as asking for $ 500.000.00 if I paid $5000. I was to go to a Western Union station and ask to send one out to a Judy Taylor in Murfreesboro, TN. I called the BBB in TN and they confermed this a scam and echoed everything I already knew. IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO B TRUE, IT PROBABLY IS. Anytime you are contacted about any winnings, and they ask for $$$ of any amount its a scam. If youve won there will be no request for an exchange of money. Any legitimate prize patrol will arrive in person, or you will first b notified by written mail. THEY WILL NEVER EVER ask you to provide your personal information over the phone or internet EVER. REPORT ALL ACTIVITY TO THE BBB.

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