Gina –

Victim Location 65043

Type of a scam Government Grant

A person that I am related to (distant- by marriage) contacted me on FB messenger and asked me if I had heard about the Facebook Empowerment Grant. I said no, and she said it was a program set up by the Facebook owner, that the program was meant for those who need assistance paying for bills, buying a home, starting their own business, going to school or even help raising their children with old an retired people before the end of the year, said she got $50,000.00 delivered to her by Fedex, when she applied and was qualified and that you don’t have to pay it back. I said why don’t you have to pay it back? There has to be some kind of strings attached. she repeated the same type of information again about the program and said it main focus is reducing poverty around the world and empowering Facebook users in during whatsoever, its an ongoing program and I don’t think it will last for long. She said she could give me the link if I wanted and the money helped her through a lot of things, she quickly paid off her bills and saved the rest to the bank. She said she got qualified for the grant and a friend of hers also got lucky and got the money too. She asked if I had ever heard of Agent Brian Daniels, I said no and she said he was the one to help her apply and get qualified, she offered his private text number and said it would be easier if I was to just contact him. I said I don’t think so, I’m not very trusting and there is so much identity theft, etc out there. She said she understood and that is why she recommend that I talk to Agent Brian, he is very trustworthy and it would be a blessing for me if I qualified. She gave me the number 7324753147 no dashes or anything and said to let him know she refereed me to him and again that it would be a blessing to me. She was very persistant that I call him right then. I said NO, I’m busy and I would need to do some checking on it first. She just kept telling me to call him right then and let her know what he said and just call him. I said I’m not texting or calling anyone right now I’ve got things to do, she said alright I got you. I don’t know this relative (distant) well enough to know if it was really her or not. There was a lot of spelling errors and she was very pushy not to know me well. I seen other complaints on here so I now know it was a scam and she may or may not be aware of what is going on with her messenger.

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