FACEBOOK Name Spoofing

Stephen –

Victim Location 30303

Total money lost $10

Type of a scam Phishing

Scammer (called RAM) uses Facebook page with his fake Facebook phone number (I ??? ??? O???) – to scam Facebook users who have disabled accounts to get back on Facebook.

( He tells them they will have to immediately go a purchase a 50.00 Google card from a store ,and give him the code on the card to have their account taken off being disabled – and once they gave him the card code on the card,the account would be taken off being disabled,and the 50.00 would be refunded back .)

After contacting ScamPulse.com California about this matter,my case worker stated no such number existed on Facebook – and this was a scam.

I did not do this activity – and did not go to a store and purchase the card . I told him I wasn’t going to spend 50.00 to get my Facebook account to be taken off being disabled. From hearing this,he quickly hung up.

[ Paypal hopes that this crook will be apprehended – because I did make a 10.00 Google play gift card online purchase on their site (Placed Order number: 4XC68948LL588414B) and trust that these funds be reimbursed back on my paypal card.]10/10/2019

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