Faerietail Devon Rex Cattery

Claudia – Oct 15, 2020

I am Lyssa Paull, owner of Faerietail Manx cattery, registered over 30 years with TICA and CFA. My page has been scraped by this creep impersonating a real friend. My Devon Rex cattery is Facehuggers. He is also running Dominion Devon Rex Kittens, pretty much the same info. He likely has more sites.
I am reporting this creep everywhere I can. Please report the scams to :
artists against 419 –reference to Nigerian fraud

FBI complaint

Better Business Bureau


Valerie – Sep 22, 2020

They talk a good game with a fake sales contract and fake reviews. But they slip when they use all caps to demand information on when you are paying.. i brushed it off as a bad day, despite having a bad feeling. Paid the full $850. The kitten I paid for is still “available for purchase” as my friend has proved by asking and being told that it is available and ready to be shipped. Funny how I paid the full amount and have heard nothing back about any sort of shipping. Do Not fall for this. They will not give you anything but empty words. This cattery doesn’t exist. It is just a scam.

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Cindy – Sep 21, 2020

Faerietail Devon Rex Cattery is a scam site! Lyssa Paull is Devon Rex cattery is called Facehuggers. Faerietail is her Manx Cattery’s name! It’s messing with me some, but I’m not the people sending him money.

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Stephen – Sep 17, 2020

Victim Location 95130

Type of a scam Online Purchase

We purchased a Devon Rex kitten that showed as available on the cattery website. The $850 cost of the kitten and delivery fees were paid on Sunday, September 13, 2020. The original commitment was to ship the kitten in a safe manner for delivery on Tuesday, September 15, 2020, at approximately 10:30AM. There have been numerous communications and delays that have resulted in the kitten we select not being delivered. In addition to the shipping company continuing to ask for additional monies for a climate-controlled carrier, insurance, and a document to prove that we are allowed to adopt an animal out of state. They have blocked my cell phone and are not replying to e-mail messages. The shipping company has indicated that the kitten is being detained in Chicago, Illinois, unless the fee for the city permit $1800 is paid. The rationale that they are providing is "due to pet overpopulation and kitten mills in the state of MA, no one is authorized to adopt or purchase pets out of the state of MA without a city permit which your kitten does not currently have and is being detained." The kitten is not located in Massachusetts and we do not live in Massachusetts. The breeder is not actively engaging with the shipping company to resolve the issues. They made all shipping arrangements, not us. Delivery has been delayed three times… and they have stopped all communications with us, except to continually ask or varying amounts of money to solve obscure problems. Nobody is telling us if the kitten is being cared for or safeguarded. The breeder has also stopped all commutations with us. He blocked my number and is not replaying to e-mail communications.

Julian – Sep 21, 2020

The kittens don’t exist. I fell for it as well and when I mentioned that I’d report them if I didn’t get a shipping label or proof of shipping they blocked me and proceeded to “sell” the kitten I paid for to a friend. It is all a scam. I have reported them to authorities.. especially as they’re actively scamming people right now.

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