Fairly used cars

Ricky – Sep 04, 2020

Victim Location 27962

Total money lost $1,500

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I looked online for a car saw this website called Fairly used cars i asked them about the car on the web it wad too much so I asked about the Nissan 05. The guy told me the price he said 1500 so I said ok I want it. Then I let him know that I was from North Carolina he was from Arizona so I asked did they ship and how much. Ok he tells me to deliver the car would be 300 so I said all together it would be 1800 he said yes. I was like ok so he tells me to send 500 and the rest when the car gets there I’m not thinking right at this moment. I said ok how do I send the money he said bank transfer so I told him that I had cash app. He sent me the information so I sent it then the next day he told me to send the 1000 I did that. Through text he said ok in order for you to get the car now you have to pay for the container to put the car in so I said well was that 300 for that he tells me no. I then got upset and just said I want my money back he raises his voice we can’t refund the money so he hangs up on me so now I’m fighting now to try and get my money back and try and catch them so they won’t do it to anyone else. Almost all the information that they gave me has been deleted. I’m going to continue to fight everyday.

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