Faith relocation specialists

Tina – Oct 19, 2020

Same deal here they quoted me 315 then wanted to charge me 680 when asked to unload my items. When I called the “boss” Mr. D’Angelo Missick who is also a minister or pastor or whatever he calls himself who quoted me $315 I was told the charge was $680. I told them to keep the stuff it wasn’t worth it to me. He then told me he had a guitar of mine. I said I never asked for a guitar to be moved. He said I have your guitar. They stole it.. I now when they distracted me to do this. Then the price went up to 800 because it would be held over night. I agreed through a text then he texted me back saying800 is for labor for work today and tomorrow that don’t include fuel & surcharge & milages & taxes (good english.. That don’t) fn [censored]… The total now was $1060. I had to pay 1060 to get my guitar and other items back i raised my voice at the mover and he told me he had to be spoken to with respect. I cursed him out bad saying you stole my guitar you low life piece of shi… You [censored] you fn thief etc etc.. How dare these fn thieves to ask to be treated with respect I didn’t use the n word but sure wanted to because if ever the n word fit this is one for sure! If they were white they would be white trash to say the least but they all are black so… How are they getting away with this? Do not use this company no matter what.

Stacy – Jul 09, 2020

Started very good . Nice costumer services and answering all the questions and concerns immediately. 3 movers got in to my house ( only 2 worked. One was who knows where ) . Took almost 4 hours for a decent amount of boxes and only 6 furniture . Only the desk and the dining table where heavy. the rest was very light and small.for a professional movers .
We had the elevator reserved from 1 to 4 and the building is one of the worst and strict buildings ever ! They gt here at 1:30 and the owner over phone said CASH ONLY! Doesn’t know the total yet .the original estimate was from $400 to $600. Ended being $2100 , yes you read well $2100 and cash ( who has that money) .o had to run to the bank and owner over the phone stated they will not unload truck until full payment . ( by now is almost 1:40 ) and I panicked because I knew by 4 the elevator is over . Beg him over the phone and everything .
In may house I brought pizza for the movers and I kindly let them eat on my kitchen table . When I see one of the mover leaving my kitchen with 2 bottles of a special sparkling water that brought a few day ago . I asked my husband if he gave it to him, and he said absolutely no. When I tell the mover on my apartment why he took those water he said my husband gave it t him ( I knew was a laid) .To finish the story they kind of finished on time , didn’t assemble the dining table , didn’t return my Dolly and there is 6 items missing and most of my stuff is damage or broken . Try to contact them . A few messages back from owner but never a solution.
After $2100 my stuff is ruined and have a few things missing.

Soooooooo disappointed!

Patrick – Apr 28, 2020

These people are a scam. They robbed my things.

This no goood company wants to charge you for everything.

Want to pick your things up from their storage location? No problem, the boss will just fly out of the country, be super hard to get a hold of, then charge you $165 an hour just to have one of their [censored]ic workers stand there. Movers must be paid he said! What moving are they doing?

Bunch of unintleligent low class stupid people with no integrity.

Want to have your things packed by then? Sure, they throw your things in old used boxes, mind you. Charge you $15 per used dirty box, and use your towels to cushion everything.

They give you a free month of storage if they move your things quickly and that’s that’s about the only good thing.

You give the most excuses. You twist words.

You know you’re in the wrong. That’s not how iou do businness sir.

They are Hustler’s. Only looking for money. Never will I do anything with this dumb company again.

They never answer their phone or messages

Gloria –

Victim Location 33334

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Moving

This company quoted me $200 dollars for a move that was only 4 miles away, when they loaded my things and drove to the new location, they told me I would be $700, then they said they would get me down to $560 then finally after complaining they said okay $400. Which was still way more then they quoted us. The while trip took 3 hours and they jacked the price up to $700.

They said it was because they drove from Miami but they are stationed around the corner in lauderhill fl. This was a complete nightmare. When we complained to owner he told us to stop playing rich and that he owns a Ferrari paid in cash.

This place is a complete joke and I will let everyone know

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