Fake Desoto County Sheriffs dept

Antonio –

Victim Location 38672

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I recieved a very frieteing phone call from someone who identified themselves as "deputy Mark Richardson" with the Desoto County Sheriffs department. I lie in that county and the number that called me was a desoto number. The man said that i had missed a mndatory court date and that they had issued a warrant for my arrest. He said he was calling to make arrangements for me to turn my self in. He said they could come "pick me up" or i could come to the sheriffs station and turn my self in. He waited for my response. I explained that i was an older man and had never been in trouble and could not understand why i would have a court date, and if i had known about it i certainly would have gone. He said that it didn’t matter and that i needed to get this cleared up. I told him i would come to the station as soon as i could as i didn’t want to be arrested in front of my neighbors. I asked for time to get dressed. He said ok. Then he said that i could just resolve it now without coming in, that all they would do was fine me so i could just handle it now by going to Walgreens and getting 2 prepaid cards totaling $500 , call him back with the numbers, and the matter would be settled. I believed him and went straight to walgreens and did as instructed. I called him back but was not sure what he meant or what info he needed. He could not explain it very well and he hung up the phone. I got scared and went directly to the sheriffs dept to give them the cards. They did not know what i was talking about. i had no court date, warrant, nor did they ever contact me. It was a scam.

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