Fake loan company

Javier –

Victim Location 45103

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I had applied for a loan and had gave them my account and routing number thinking it was legit,untill the guy wanted me to go to a near by Walmart and also get a Google play card for 100 dollars and add the money onto the card and told me when I go through the line to have him on hold,not to talk to him put the money on the card and give him the code for the play card. That was then when I realized this was a scam I rushed over to my husband and told him to get off the phone that the guy he was talking too was a scam artist as well. They are online faking as a loan company trying to get money off of anyone. Don’t listen to them. They sound foreign .I have the voicemails and text messages from both parties. Now the person did add money onto my husband’s card and his bank approved it but he bought a Google play card and took a picture and sent it to the so called loan person and they redeemed the whole 500 dollars after they had put 467 on his card .

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