Family Choice Hospice LLC

Jenny –

Victim Location 11207

Type of a scam Employment

I have a profile and my resume on I was in desparate need for another job, so I started applying to a lot of administrative and personal assistant jobs. I don’t ever keep track of the jobs I apply too because I am filling out multiple applications in hope for a response. If your resume is on there, other employers can view it and contact you even if you didn’t apply to any position they offer. After applying for different positions, I get an email from a Daniel Edward. The subject says Personal Assistant Job and I get an email, saying that my resume was found on Indeed and I was excited. I really thought that I was going to get a good job with great pay. Something didn’t seem right about the job. In the pictures you can see for yourself how the conversation went via email and text messages. Everything in the email went according to plan. a check was mailed to me and everything. While waiting for this check and further instructions for my "first assignment" I diecided to Google Personal Assistant job complaints or scams and that was when I knew I was a victim but I caught on in time and was very wise about it. On the package, there was an address but the address on the package was totally different from the Business that this check was made from. I decied to call the number of the sender’s address and asked if they know of someone who is Daniel Edward and she told me no. Then, I decided to look up the address of the business that was on the check and it said that it was Permanently Closed. I then called up the Bank to verify the check and Better Business Bureau to find out if this business was real. I was told that the business is closed.

After talking to the representative, I was told to come on here and report a scam. Please be careful. Some offers may seem too good to be true and too good to refuse but in all honesty, this is one operation that scams you out of your own money and I am just glad that I followed my gut. When I told my fiance about it, he couldn’t believe the offer that was made to me because it was really a lot of money for little service. Even though people do get paid a lot weekly due to the company that their working with, some jobs are not what it appears to be. Beware of these Personal Assistant scams. Always verify the information and pay attention to the emails and their responses. Google everything!

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