Family Health Services

Renee –

Victim Location 92728

Type of a scam Scholarship

I received a phone call from a private number on my house phone, asking if anyone needed help getting off alcohol or drugs. So I responded to the offer that was supposed to be all charity based. I told Barbara that I couldn’t afford the type of facility or a flight to California. She kept telling me not to worry that the beauty of it was that it would be paid for by scholarships and charities. Then I talked to Barbara two days later and she said she found me something but I would have apply for Health Net Insurance’s Platinum plan. I asked for a call back number from her, and she did not have one. Then today Barbara called again to pressure me to send the application right now. I asked her a few questions that her answers didn’t sound right. So I asked for a fax number to send it, and they didn’t even have that she asked me to scan it and send electronically. So I told her I didn’t feel comfortable without more info, so she gave me her managers number, his name is Scott 949 426 2033. He sounded very unprofessional and said they didn’t have a business licence because they were non profit org. and the legal name of the business was Family Health Services. He even told me to check out this website which I see is based in Ohio. Barbara was calling from 949 200 6196. Please look into this!

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