Family Member

Brandon –

Victim Location 35957

Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

I received a phone call from Mexico. I do have family over there, so I answered thinking it may be my uncle. This man claimed he was my cousin. Luckily I know all of my cousins in my family personally. I immediately knew he was trying to scam me because he kept wanting me to guess who he was. He would not tell me his name. He did manage to know my name. Since I didn’t crack to give him any approval, he cracked out of his "family member" character. He had a good "villain" laugh, he started calling me names. I simply told him "God bless" and hanged up. They have called before claiming they just arrived in the country, won’t ask for money. Then they’ll call back claiming they had an accident and need money to pay the insurance. They tend to target Hispanics.

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