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Ronnie –

Victim Location 60466

Type of a scam Moving

Beware of this company they are scam artists! First lets start off with the fact that they were suppose to be a my house between 12-2. They did not show up until 5:30pm! I had to call the office to see where my movers were and "The young lady" said give her 5 minutes and she will call me back and of course she never called me back. I called the office back 30 minutes later to be put on hold again and when "The young lady" returned she told me that they will be at my house around 5:30 and for me to go run an errand or get something to eat. Are you serious? The only thing I want to do is move! So when they came the first thing the driver did was try and scam me! Asked me how would I be paying for my move and I said with a card. He then said if you pay with cash I can help you out. I never complained about what I had to pay so I’m not sure why he thought that was make me happy. He then pulls out a piece of paper with "EXTRA" charges that would be added to make sure my furniture was safe. I was not happy about this because I spoke to at least 3 different people and no one told me of these extra charges! My sales person never told me that I would have to pay for my things to be protected. I could’ve gone with another company if I was not satisfied with the price. I spoke to The Supervisor about changing my date and he never said anything and I spoke to "The young lady" the day before to confirm the move and I told her that I wanted them to add 3 tvs to my list and the number of boxes were less than I expected. "The young lady" told me to not worry about it but never told me the extra cost to move my things. This is just a small piece of the horrible day that I had dealing with this company! I got into a heated argument with the driver about not paying the extra money and he refused to move me. I was fine with all of that. I had to call in reinforcement at the last minute to move me. Thank God Uhaul had a moving truck of me at the last minute. Oh yeah, look in the moving truck if you do decided to use this company and make sure its not already filled with other items, this will make them have to make multiple trips and the price will increase because they never had the space to accommodate you but you will be the one who will pay for it. The most unprofessional company I have ever come across! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!! BEWARE!!!! There is so much more to this story that I really don’t have the time or energy to type it! I was lucky and did not have to pay them for the bad service that they were giving. Karma is tough and I can’t wait until that ENTIRE company feel it.

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