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Jerome –

Victim Location 33756

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

This company originally called my work phone. They supposedly found my information on and wanted to sell me an advertisement on a shirt. I told them I would consider it, as a polite gesture. They asked if I would like to think it over and they would call back. I said sure, just to get them off the phone. They called back a few hours later, to which I said I would consider an Ad space, so send me a price quote so I could think it over. I decided not to do it. This was a couple months ago now. Ever since then, I get calls weekly from their "invoicing department" trying to state that a "verbal agreement to pay is binding." No, it in fact is not binding. They keep persisting and stating that they will be sending my "$700 invoice to collections if I refuse to pay." I am obviously not paying this scam, and it is ridiculous they even continue to harass me.

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