Kristi –

Victim Location 27695

Total money lost $150.34

Type of a scam Phishing

Dear BBB,

Through Bing.com, I found FareDepot.com selling airticket. I purchased a ticket ($4850) providing all personal information including credit card info and those needed for air travel. Immediately after that, I received a confirmation email from FareDepot (11:30pm). However, when I checked with airlines, it was not purchased. Later I received an email to confirm the amount of test-charge FareDepot made to my credit card (5am). I did it (6am) and got an approval notice from FareDepot. At 9am FareDepot emailed me that the ticket price is increased by $300 and asking to pay for $5150. I suspected this very unusual and check the complains from others made against FareDepot and most of them had same experience. I was so scared by a fact that I gave them important personal information and called them many times but no one ever picked up the phone. Of course I waited until 9am when they claimed "office hour". I am not certain if this is a real ‘company’ but just a scam. I wish to ask help from BBB: (1) FareDepot is a scam. They do not sell air tickets but collect private information including date of birth and credit card info. I am much worried how they will use my information. (2) FareDepot should not exist in the US market. If this is a registered company, there are something big wrong in the way of their business deceiving people. This should be sued and close down. There are so many people going through the hard time. I suggest BBB to simple Google typing FareDepot and can read all the complaints and bad experience from so many people. So curious how FareDepot is linked to Bing.com to hook so many innocent people. Overall, I wasted whole night and a day to solve this issue and lost a chance to get an air ticket. They did not return the money charged for so called ‘test’ until now either. It is such a small amount ($0.34) but they should not do this. I also lost my chance to secure a fair priced air ticket and had to pay higher price after going through this unpleasant experience ($150 higher than what I originally found). I am still worried what will happen because these people have all my personal information.

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