Rachel – Jul 22, 2020

Victim Location 98230

Total money lost $650

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Puppy Scam… _$650. Given name as Steve Fati. Used Zelle to his wife’s account. Glamour Hair llc. [email protected]

See attached for more links used.

Victim Puppy Internet Puppy Scam

Bad Guys Info:

Steve Fati

406-530-7513 – never answered

Fatifamilybeagles.com – couldn’t reach the site after the first try

[email protected]

Used Zelle for payment:

Glamour Hair llc [email protected] Supposed to be his wife’s account

Found the exact web page with all the same dogs at

Hazardfamilybeagles.com and Kylian Beagles – Both marked on Google as Scam sites

Sent a “Transfer of Dog Ownership” form to sign from the Life Pets Association – goggled it

and found no such place.

I asked for more pictures, he sent me 5 more. Same dog wearing the same color.

When he finally said that he had all the shot records and vet records to make the shipment, he

gave me a tracking number and a link:

http://skylinedeliveries.com when I went to the site it was called Alpha Lines Deliveries. It

was signed at the bottom of the page by the secretary: Mr. Orlando Gold of “Montana Global


When I asked the seller why the site said Alpha, he said “No, it is skyline Next time I looked

(Same Link) it said Skyline. However, he forgot to change anything else. The phone number

was the same, the page was the same, and the tracking number all came back to the same.

Requiring a special shipping crate costing from $950 to $1600. Reimbursable upon delivery

of course. The seller even graciously offered to pay $450 and me $500. I told him that I

would pay nothing. Two days later, the website still says the puppy is at the airport awaiting a

new crate, and after being confronted by me as a fraud and cheat, he broke off


He showed that he was directly responsible for both the fraud with the puppy, but also with

the direct link to the fraud of the shipping company

I ask please that you will do whatever is necessary to stop this individual, disable his sites,

and help find him for prosecution if you can.

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