Antonio –

Victim Location 94088

Type of a scam Employment

Favorite-estore.us is a fraudulent company. Favorite-estore.us posts on careerbuilder.com looking for a storeroom manager. You will receive an email and phone call from Tracy Roberts the human resources manager @ 404-263-0152. Tracy Roberts confirmed that I would have a monthly salary of $3000 per month, starting date the when first package received and pay would be 30 days later. Favorite-estore.us requires you fill out a W-4 with all personal information, copy of driver’s license, and proof of residence. Favorite-estore.us sent packages to my address for 30 days and when 30 days were complete, Favorite-estore.us broke all communication. No email response, phone calls answered, and has blocked access to company control panel. Stay far away from this company!!!!!!!

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