Denise – Sep 30, 2020

I was shopping for a bridesmaid dress when I saw an instragram ad for favormod. I looked up reviews for the website and against my better judgement, I ordered a dress in 2 sizes assuming I could return them if I did not like them because the website stated I could do so. Once I placed the order, I immediately received a confirmation but I had to email the company a few days later to get any shipping information. The clothes arrived after about 15 days and they looked like cheap versions of the actual photos. I did not feel pretty in the dress. So I emailed the company and requested to start the process to return the items. They refused to accept my returns, even though the website clearly states otherwise. They told me I would have to pay the “expensive shipping to China which is not cost effective” and offered me $4 in compensation. This company is a joke, do not waste your hard earned money. I have included a picture of their website regarding their return policy and the email I exchanged with “Jesse”.

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Maurice – Jun 03, 2020

I placed a order with this company on 12/12/19 to date have not received or have gotten answer from anyone. I have emailed them 7 times still nothing…

Benjamin – May 14, 2020

I have a same problem as other people! ordered a dress over a month and never heard back from them. Sent a few emails but no one answered me back! Total scam…

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Roy – Apr 17, 2020

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

So in January (2020) I kept seeing this add in my FB feed for some really cute dresses. As my bachelorette party and honeymoon were in the upcoming months I figured two+ months was plenty of time to get my dresses. I have emailed FavorMod many times to find out where my dresses are and only ever receive bogus email responses. I’ve ordered random things before, and usually if something is taking a while, I’d just send an email inquiring about my purchase and it would arrive soon after. Not this time. Now, due to covid 19, my wedding and honeymoon are cancelled so I thought it would be nice to have received them so I could wear one for my little ceremony this sat, 4-18-20. I’m am so disappointed in myself for trusting a “pop-up” add to actually deliver something.

Bruce – Apr 17, 2020

Here’s a screen shot of my order confirmation

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20210216101027 602b9a13358fe Favormod

Gloria – Mar 26, 2020

TERRIBLE GARBAGE COMPANY! FRAUD. FRAUD. FRAUD. DO NOT ORDER FROM FAVORMOD, I REPEAT DO. NOT. I ordered two dresses, the money was taken out of my account right away but I was never sent a confirmation number or email. The order never came and when I reached out to their online chat (no one responds to the [email protected] email listed on their website) I was only asked for my confirmation number and email address used. I was not given a refund and they even had the audacity to block me! SO no dresses, $70 taken out of my account, AND nothing to show for it.

Bonnie – Feb 12, 2020

Victim Location 65616

Total money lost $37.98

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I ordered a dress from FavorMod after doing a lot of research to confirm that this was not spam. I should have looked even closer at their Instagram account before ordering. I originally found out about this from an add on Instagram. Since ordering, I have since seen adds from at least 6 other "businesses" with the same exact add and price. I ordered my dress on 1/22/20; after waiting past the processing time listed on the website, I contacted the company via email asking why my order had not shipped (02/04/20).

On 02/04/20 I received this reply: "Hi dear, Your parcel has a high demand and is still in processing now, when everything has been done, we will ship your parcel to you soon. When the tracking number comes out, we will let you know.Please don’t worry and have a nice day. If any doubt, please feel free to contact us. Best regards connie"

I emailed them a second time on 02/10/20 and again on 02/12/20 without any reply from the company. I looked up the FavorMod Instagram page and there are a lot of unhappy customers leaving comments on their posts saying that they never received their orders or that the product was incorrect and when they contacted for a refund the company would not respond. There is not a phone # or address on the website.

Ryan – Feb 04, 2020

Victim Location 84014

Total money lost $65

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I found this company on instagram selling clothing that looked adorable at affordable prices. I had ordered 2 dresses. I had reached out to them about when to expect them and realized that the only means of contact was email only. They had responded and I finally received my items. BUT, these items were if very poor quality so I reached back out to them again, through email since that’s all they have listed and I have never received an response back. I emailed them 3 times and nothing! Very dissatisfied and learned available lesson to never order if the only means of contact is email.

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