FB Innovations LLC

Mallory –

Victim Location 91104

Type of a scam Employment

I responded to a job posting from a company called "Event Aces" on indeed with the following details:


Saturday October 26 – UCLA vs Arizona State

We are hiring concession stand workers for the following events:

Rose Bowl Stadium – UCLA vs Arizona State – Saturday October 26th

Staff check in will approximately be around 1 pm (subject to change)

Uniform: White shirt, black pants, and black closed toed shoes

Please respond with your first and last name with you contact information. We will reach out to you to schedule an interview.


Job Type: Temporary

Salary: $15.00 /hour and I was told via text message from an Emma (615) 483-5238 to meet Denise at Starbucks, 671 Fair Oaks Avenue Pasadena CA 91103 between 3pm & 7pm on 10/25 for a brief interview. I was also told to bring friends and family as there were plenty of open positions. I was also told to contact Denise upon arrival at (323) 703-8743. I called when I got there at 4pm and was instructed when I saw her to fill out an application and direct deposit slip. After that she emailed me what was supposed to be an employee handbook from F&B Innovations LLC (but forgot to attach the handbook; I learned this after I left) gave me a sheet of paper with instructions on where to park for the job at the Rose Bowl and I left. At 8:11pm on the same day (10/25) I received a group text from Denise that included 8 or 9 other people that "unfortunately Levy has reduced the staff needed at the Rose Bowl tomorrow" and our assistance was no longer needed. She said that they would reach out regarding next week’s game and instructed us to not respond to the group text but to text Emma with our full name so she knew we received the text. One of the people in the group text expressed concern that it was a scam, so What I did was Google F&B Innovations LLC and learned that they had pulled this scam in New York before. I also looked up both phone numbers and the email address I received the "handbook" from: [email protected], and discovered a personal blog and facebook account of Denise Goldie Jones-Jordan. I believe after my research that this is 100% fraudulent and want this investigated further. I do believe that I was misled into thinking I would be working and receiving funds for the work I was to do. I responded to this ad because I have actually worked one-day jobs at the Rose Bowl before, and since I am aware there are multiple vendors, I believed that this was a legitimate opportunity to make some extra money.

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