FBA Seller Services

Andre –

Victim Location 90210

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Employment

Helena Martin from FBA Seller Services hired me to inspect and re-send packages. I have still not been paid for my services. This company asked me to drive all over Califorinia to FedEx and UPS facilities to steal other peoples packages. This company is a scam. The website was down for 2 weeks but is now back up. https://fba-seller.services/

Philip –

Victim Location 98923

Type of a scam Employment

I worked for them for a month, and when the payment date came up they did not pay me. I attempted to contact them; calling, emailing, and even contacting my State Department of Labor & Industries and they still have yet to respond….it’s been a month and this is still ongoing, so I am currently working with the state to try and get my money owed to me.

Grace –

Victim Location 90212

Total money lost $1

Type of a scam Employment

Never paid me for my services. Sent me packages to inspect and send back out. Total Scam.

Christine –

Victim Location 30650

Total money lost $70

Type of a scam Employment

I applied for a job on Indeed for a Quality Control Associate. I was contacted by a Helena Martin to do a quick assessemnt. I was contacted again and offered the position. I started to recieve packages at my home to inspect and ship. When time came for pay on November 1st I didn’t recieve the payment. I sent an email and inquired they stated the funds will be deposited in my Paypal account. I have one packgae left that has to be shipped I asked them why I haven’t reiceved payment they say because I have a package I need to ship and that’s why I haven’t recieved my pay. I then looked up this information on the website which I had done in the past but couldn’t find anything on them now I see complaints.This scam company is placing ads all over the United States and probably stealing company information from the true company.. I truly thought I had a real job.It is heart breaking.

Andrew –

Victim Location 92840

Total money lost $1,720

Type of a scam Employment


I applied through the following job posting that has long since been deactivated (one can see the job at the provided address):


I was a little surprised to find out how easy it was for them to hire me without going through the traditional interview process (I have attached the job offer and job duties in PDF).

To sum it up, the job requires that I receive their packages at my house to inspect. After inspecting, I was to send out the packages with the provided addresses.

What strikes me as very odd is that all the packages that I received were under different people’s names. And the job was so simple to be justifying $40 dollars salary for each package.

There is a portal that we use, https://fba-seller.services/panel/user/login.php, to keep track and mark the packages. We also receive mail and communication through that portal. I also want to mention that their only means of communication throughout the whole process is through email and that portal.

Only one person who goes by David Walsh who contacted me through the company:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 480-498-8598

What he asked, or offered, was an opportunity for me to make $200 dollars by using someone’s money to buy Bitcoin. The process was for an entity to wire me $$$ into the provided bank account. I then withdrew the money to use for Bitcoin purchases at the nearest Kiosk. After I believe I have just made the easiest $200 yet, my bank called to confirm that this was a fraud and the company is trying to launder money for another entity.

My mind went back to the packages, and to the way, all the names and addresses have been changed! To my horror, all the work that I have done (receiving and delivering the packages) were all fraudulent.

To sum it up, they have not paid me my salary nor contacted me since the Bitcoin event. Please shut them down and prevent them from preying on any more victims.

I have attached all my documents to hopefully help put a stop to this scam.

Tommy –

Victim Location 92867

Type of a scam Employment

Is a company who hired to received package a resend. I will received $40 for each package.

Joy –

Victim Location 15017

Type of a scam Employment

I applied for a Quality Assurance position on Indeed from this company for a work from home position. I went on to their website. At first glance, the company looks legitimate until you see that there is no career site and there are only three employees. I received two attachments from a Helena Martin discussing in more detail what the position entails. Had a few email exchanges. What set off alarm bells to me was the offer to pay me $40.00 per package sent to my house for quality assurance inspection. Luckily, the only information they have is the information on my resume (which is more than I care for them to have). I have not provided my driver’s license information or social security number.

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