FDAA grant

Lindsay –

Victim Location 98577

Type of a scam Charity

Hi, today, 1/22/19, and yesterday, I have encountered impersonators claiming to be my Messenger friend, Nancy Bxxxxx. They claimed, through her, that an ongoing social private grant through the FDAA was available to me for 2019/2020, which she had also claimed in the amount of "100,000.00" (exact typo). They used the following contact info and nothing more:

Call Sandra Sims, Agent (and they told me to hurry)

When I did call, the recording was answered by one Robert Davis, with an African American sounding voice.

I gave them my phone number, so they texted me.

They wanted my "real name and email" (all I had told them was my first name, Lynn.

I texted for them to give me an email.

They returned [email protected]

NOTE: I knew it was a scam by inquiring through a wise third party who confirmed she thought so, and then 100% by calling the elderly friend, 89 year old, widow, Nancy Bxxxxx, on her home line, who said she knew nothing about this paring of an 89 year old woman and a 59 year old (needy) college student, so this is evil! They have been watching us, and these people need to be caught and held accountable. Thank you,

Lynn Hxxxxx (that is my FB page)

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